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Kamen Rider Kuuga Novel Spoilers: Prototype Kuuga Appears!

The novel sequel of Kamen Rider Kuuga had finally been released after many delays. The novel follows the events 13 years after the TV series ended. This time, it centers around Kaoru Ichijo, and Mika Natsume and the prototype Arcle.

Prior to the TV series, Professor Natsume discovers the Kuuga Arcle, including the prototype one, and he included it in his notes. Eventually, he fell victim from one of the Grongi attacks. 10 years afters (3 years before the novel starts), Mika Natsume, his daughter, found his research notes.

The prototype Arcle was created earlier than Kuuga's but is incomplete due to the lack of the Amadam Stone. This causes the user to go berserk. It is said that the previous user went crazy and the belt was sealed inside the Coffin of Darkness (Kuuga's Arcle was sealed in the Coffin of Light).

After the sighting of a few Grongi, she goes to the ruins where the prototype Arcle is. She wore the belt and transforms to Kuuga (but with some minor differences, like smaller horns). Similar to Kuuga, her first form is white. She can change to a black form, with eyes flashing between red and black, then completely black when she loses control.

She fights an unnamed Grongi in her white form, but it's killed by a different one before she can finish it off. Later she fights a jellyfish Grongi, Rider Kicks it and is shocked by the explosion she caused. She eventually faces a lion Grongi, where she goes from white to black out of rage.

Similar to the ability used by Kuuga in the TV series, she can use steel frames to change them into cannons. She is seen shooting a huge beam out of Tokyo Tower. Yusuke Godai shows up and stops her, even using the BeatChaser 3000 and Gouram at one point. The novel ends with the belt still in her.

Additionally, the police have also developed new weapons to fight the Grongi. It is said that Ichijo actually kills one. Ra-Baruba-De, the rose-tattooed woman, is still alive in the novel, and escapes yet again.

via Henshin Justice

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4 Responses
  1. Kamen Rider Kuuga in this novel is a 'she'? Interesting! A female Kamen Rider!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    That little girl! Kuuga Ultimate?! Woo!

  3. NeoD Says:

    And what's more, the female Kamen Rider is a protagonist instead of being a Sub Rider, so that's getting more interesting!

  4. DarkfireKurai Says:

    I would say a gripe that I have with this is that there is no mention of the G3 system. After all, that is what it was originally created to be, a combat system against Grongi should they return. G3 was latter modified to combat the Unknown. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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