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The Banned Ultra Seven Episode 12 Streamed

Back in the 1960s, after its initial broadcast, the Ultra Seven episode 12: “From Another Planet with Love” was later banned by Tsuburaya Productions and brandished to existence, even in its recent U.S. home video release. The episode features Ultra Seven against the Hibaku Seijin.

Check out the English dubbed episode here as it had aired on the Atlanta-based TNT cable network in 1997, and re-entitled as "Crystallized Corpuscles".

The reason for being banned is because in this episode, the "Hibaku Seijin" (A-Bomb Survivor Alien) from "Hibakusha" were exposed to radiation and headed to earth to drain the blood from humans to restore themselves. Hibakusha is a term which refers to the A-Bomb Survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. World War ll survivors thought that it showed people who lived through the bombings in a negative light.

References: Henshin Justice, The Good, the Bad, and Godzilla

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7 Responses
  1. Sunstreaker Says:

    This is Classic, Yes!

  2. StrikerVentdo Says:

    After these many years, I finally saw one that's of good quality


    In 1985, Turner Program Services commissioned Cinar to dub all 49 episodes for run in syndication. The Cinar produced episodes featured new opening and closing credits, eyecatches, and even new episode names. After failing to sell it to local and national stations, Turner put the tapes back into their vaults until 1994, when they had their new TNT and put Ultra Seven on their Toons 'Till Noon and MonsterVision blocks. The Toons 'Till Noon broadcasts received heavy editing to make them suitable for the time slot, while the MonsterVision broadcasts were left completely uncut. Episodes 5-7 were missing, but instead if paying Cinar for the missing episodes, they aired all the tapes they had already. When the contract expired between Tsuburaya, Cinar, and Turner, all materials (film, tapes, audio masters) reverted to, and were collected by Tsuburya.UltraSeven was titled Ultra7 in TNT

  4. Anonymous Says:

    @Norimaki why are you copy & pasting from wikipedia???

    Anyway I never knew that Ultraseven had an english dub and even aired on TNT's Monstervision! That is so cool. Overall this episode was fun and vintage. The dub is way better then 4kids' version of Ultraman Tiga.

  5. this episode has usually here in Brazil

  6. pointer from ultra seven!!

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