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Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 48 Preview

After an awesome episode today, here's the preview of Kamen Rider Wizard's 48th episode: “Philosopher's Stone”. Yuzuru now has the ability to transform to Kamen Rider Mage!

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28 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    There! Gremlin vs Wizard
    Koyomi thinks about being Fueki's daughter
    And Yuzuru returns as a mage
    Still gonna call it filler?

  2. Asshole Says:

    How unfortunate for Nitou.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    They should change Mayu's color too.

  4. JG Says:

    . . .Ok. . .I was somewhat expecting Yuzuru to become a mage since he was taken and become a Kamen Rider mage.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Oh my God.. They just found a way to make the mage suit even uglier. But thank goodness those boring ass filler episodes are over. Eps 48-51 is just business!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I really hope they explain why Haruto is the only wizard under Fueki's employ who isn't a Kamen Rider Mage.

  7. This makes me sad, I would have preferred not having Yuzuru change into a wizard at all rather than have him become a blue KR Mage. In my mind he was gonna have a cool onyx color suit with spider theme, rather than just recycling the Mage suit with intern just makes Mayu seem plain.

    Although to be fair I might just be bitter because when I saw the blue Mage suit I thought maybe Mayu was using the water ring.

    Is it too much to ask that they retcon this is future Wizard stories, assuming there are any in the same vein as the Double movies about Accel an Eternal or even just the light novels like the one where Philip turned into KR Cyclone?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Yup.. that's also what I'm gonna ask, I mean they never mention why was haruto so special among other white wizard apprentice.. That could add up some minor plothole too

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I think it's cause Haruto has his rings made by Soujima instead of being properly trained by Fueki. I guess only those taught properly by him end up becoming Mage.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    So what's this change of colour actually works? May be it will be based on water type magic kinda thing.. as long as I watch, the orange mage always display an earth-based magic type,(aka.gravity)and another copy of the white wizard magic types (like barrier and teleport)

  11. Anonymous Says:


    I agree. They should've given Mayu at least a Kamen Rider Kivala-ish color scheme in her suit.

  12. White Knight Says:

    Anon, why should they have to explain this? This is why I always say you people need your hands held, and spoon fed information.

    Haruto repelled his phantom during the Sabath (or whatever it was called), his phantom, Dragon, is incredibly powerful. We know that Haruto's driver is an older version (this was said in an earlier episode). Seeing as Haruto was the only one to survive, who else would he give the Wizard driver to? Who else was he going to count on to fight phantoms?

    Is it that hard to believe that all the while that White Wizard wasn't on screen, that he was working on the Mage rings? I mean, why not ask why didn't he give Haruto the Drago-Timer from the beginning? Simple. It wasn't an option, as it wasn't available! What exactly are Mayu and Yuzuru's phantoms? I'm willing to bet they are no where near as powerful as Dragon.

    But a simple, to long didn't read answer for you: Because the writers said so.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I knew it! The blue Mage is Yuzuru, and it does look like he's been brainwashed. Because, why would he attack Nitou, especially when he's been friendly with him before he got taken?

  14. Anonymous Says:

    @Anon 4 I think fueki wants Haruto to protect Koyomi for him.

  15. Bryd0 Says:

    @Anonymous - August 11, 2013 at 11:21 AM: There's also a green version of Mage, as shown on Toei's Wizard page. Don't know if that's a form change for Mayu or Yuzuru or Yamamoto. I say the latter.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    @anon August 11, 2013 at 11:30 AM:
    Why don't you also hope they explain why Fueki use the White Wizard Driver instead of Wizard or Mage ones while you're at it.
    If I may speculate:
    A. Haruto is probably the one with the strongest Mana ever so Fueki decided to hand the Wizard Driver to him instead of just a Mage one.
    B. Haruto is the first ever Gate who managed to be born as a Mahōtsukai (after Fueki of course). Perhaps Fueki used the first-come, first-served theory.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Well Anon, Haruto's not a mage because he's the first one to get the magic stones that aren't connected to Mages. That's what happens when you skip episodes because you think they're all filler.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Spoiler :

    Koyomi has to admit that she has a brother from Fueki. His name is HENTAI KAMEN. Lol

  19. Liac0s Says:

    @Anon August 11, 2013 at 11:21 AM :
    Actually, this is not at all of a filler episode. Do you even know what a filler episode is? And let me tell you that Wizard had very few filler episodes, all of them though still associated with the work of Phantom. People just have no clue about what a filler episode is... The majority of the shows on TV are actually full of filler episodes, with no story or anything... Oh, and the suit is great! You can't appreciate it because you've got no brain man! :) Sorry, I know it's not your fault, just your parents' that didn't kill you at birth.

    @Anon August 11,2013 at 11:30 AM :
    We do know why... Check out the show's latest episodes more, and for God's sake, THINK... Why do you want a show to serve you the story in that way? Don't you prefer to sit and think about it? Make your own results, and make a part of the show made by you, and not a writter? Man, you people have no creativity at all.. All you want is to get everything into a plate... But life is NOT like that... Pathetic human beings.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    just something to add in the speculations

    1. fueki needs four mages
    2. haruto has dragon timer to become four wizards at once
    3. haruto's base is flame, (specualtions) maya is ground, (specualtion) yuzuru is water
    4. haruto has fully evolved into a proper magician (infinity)
    5. (specualtion)haruto has gained proper control on his phantom vs mayu and yuzuru who doesnt seem to have properly awaken yet

    this is just speculation so it may or may not be true

  21. Hideyuki Kagawa Says:

    Or perhaps after witnessed Haruto achieved Infinity form by himself, Fueki hesitated to give the same belt and ring as Haruto's to his following apprentices. Worrying his following apprentices might go beyond his control (he seems didn't expect Haruto to gain Infinity by his own), thus Fueki gave Mayu and Yuzuru a weaker version of rings. Just some thoughts.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Yeesh, so many nasty comments to one anon...chill out!
    My theory is that Haruto is a "supe-prototype," and the Mages are the completed, mass-produced Wizards.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    You know, Haruto might just be special because Fueki sucks at maiking rings! Think about it; he needed Wajima to make the majority of both his and Haruto's rings, and maybe when his plans accelerated, he just decided to make some rings himself, i.e. the Mage rings, which weren't as good of quality as the Wizard rings.

  24. Anonymous Says:



  25. Anonymous Says:

    Why does everyone keep complaining about how Kamen RIder Mage is being re-used/recycled? If you follow the story line, it isnt a bad thing at all. First of all, Kamen Rider Mage made its first appearance in the movie, where there was a different reality. Therefore, in this realty, Mage does exists but only to be given to a select few like Mayu and Yuzuru. Besides, its almost like seeing the Rio Troopers all over again. Another thing that many people do point out, is the given fact that Haruto is the only one who wasnt trained personally by the White Wizard. Reason why? Who knows. Also, if anyone has payed attention to the scans lately, there was a recent scan with a GREEN Kamen Rider Mage. So, not sure if there's going to be another person who becomes a magician or if its a copy, but what happens then is what happens then.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    I actually like Yuzuru's Mage suit more than Mayu's. The shad eof blue just looks really nice.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    I think I just figured it out. White Wizard and the Mage suits all have one thing in common other than the red outline on the driver: their masks have the unfinished/uncut stone look to them, unlike the clearly neat faceted look of Haruto's. This is because WAJIMA DIDN'T MAKE THOSE RINGS, presumably Fueki just stuck the magic stones into settings on his own. Hence the rough cut look. Haruto looks so much more polished because he IS, because Fueki commissioned Wajima to make the rings for Haruto.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    In my opinions haruto get the wizard driver because white wizard need him to protect koyomi he cant just send a weak mage to protect her not only that if you watch the latest episode you will know that wiseman and white wizard is the same person so he probably need him to help the gate just in case if the gate cant overcome despair - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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