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Transformers GO! Samurai, Shinobi Opening Sequences

As we have reported, the recent issues of TV and TV-kun Magazine includes a DVD featuring an episode of a direct-to-DVD Transformers< series Transformers GO!. Takara Tomy had recently released the two of the anime's openings showcasing the Samurai and Shinobi Teams.

The new anime will feature the Samurai Team: Kenzan (police mobile), Jinbu, and Ganoh (firetruck) which can form Go-Kenzan, Go-Jinbu and Go-Ganoh, depending on which one is the head. As well as the Shinobi Team: Gekisōmaru, Hishōmaru and Sensuimaru.

After sealing the Predacon leader Predaking in the Legendisc, Optimus Prime and his Autobots have departed Earth to hunt the Predacons throughout the galaxy. To deal with the few remaining Predacons on Earth, Optimus has entrusted six Autobot combiners with the task of hunting them down.

For those who are looking for the episodes, TV-Nihon had already subbed them.

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