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Power Rangers Megaforce vs Messenger: The Finale Spoilers

Ahead of its United States airing, Power Rangers Megaforce had already ended its run at French television channel Canal J, and an avid viewer shares a summary of the events from the show's finale episodes. And yes, massive spoilers ahead!

While the Megaforce Rangers celebrate defeat of the Warstar aliens, Metal Alice turns Vrak into a powerful cyborg but deprived of his memory. Tensou detects an evil energy and the rangers immediately go into the scene, fighting loogies. Along with Robo Knight, they transform and take on Vrak and Metal Alice but were defeated. Something happened to Vrak and to safeguard him, Metal Alice sends a missile on a building and the rangers use the Mega Blaster to destruct it.

As Metal Alice repairs Vrak, another robot spoke, telling them that he is from "the armada" and asks if everything is ready for the invasion. Known only as the Messenger, he told them that he'll help in defeating the rangers. They attack the rangers with Metal Alice taking on Robo Knight, and as he is about to kill her, Vrak protects her. The messenger then fights Troy.

After the fight, the villains retreated again to their base to repair Vrak. To regain his memory, Metal Alice shows him some video footages. With his memory regained, Vrak attacks the rangers. A very powerful attack hits Troy, and survived it, which surprises everyone.

The Messenger then calls the Armada. Here, we see the Zangyack's ship and we hear Vekar(?)'s voice.

To prepare for the upcoming battle, Troy trains in the forest with his Dragon Sword. The team later fights a horde of robot soldiers, and then Vrak arrives. They fought him in Ultra Mode, but it seems it's still not sufficient. With two powerful beams, the rangers were defeated, with their morphers burnt.

The Messenger reveals that Vrak is the Prince's brother. An attack from him unmorphs the rangers. With no mode of transformation, the rangers tried to fight him but Robo Knight stops them. Absorbing the enemy's attack, Robo Knight use it to repair the morphers, and gave his blaster to Troy. Morphing, the rangers fight against the Messenger, and beats him using the Ultra Mode finisher with Robo Knight's blaster. He told the rangers that he is only the first of the long list of invaders that will attack the earth.

The Megaforce rangers try to finish Vrak but Metal Alice protects him. A fight ensued between her and our heroes but was beaten. Failing to defeat them, Vrak killed her. The Messenger's head lies on the ground and told Vrak to run away because the armada is mostly here and they won't recognize him now that he is a cyborg.

Unmorphing, the rangers try to find RoboKnight but he is nowhere to be found. Panicked, Gosei told them them to morph quickly. The rangers run in the forest, as the armada arrived and attacked earth. The series ends as Troy tries to find the missing Robo Knight.

Thanks to YellowAccel of RangerCrew

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10 Responses
  1. Gokaikiller Says:

    Guess its finally here to see how saban will do the gokaiger plot oh well i just hope its not complete crap

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Well that's kind of an interesting read. The season continues right into Super Megaforce. But who the fuck is The Messenger?? Robogogo??? How can nobody find out yet??? Anyway I'm hoping the series can end strong and Super Megaforce the Gokaiger equivalent can be equally as epic.

  3. G Money Says:

    Were those robot soldiers Troy was fighting gormin?

  4. well does saban lets see how they do in season 2.
    Wonder if Silver will join at the start.

  5. Well done Saban for nice plot but lets wait and see hoe next season will do

  6. Anonymous Says:

    so this is the point where they shift footage into Gokaiger right? Kinda wish they would make a new series instead of forcing plot like the one they did with dairanger+kakuranger in the past. Now I wonder how they will explain the Gokai-change for pre-Zyuranger costumes. Alien rangers again?

  7. Martin Says:

    It looks like robogog is going to be the messenger.

  8. "The Messenger's head lies on the ground and told Vrak to run away because the armada is mostly here and they won't recognize him now that he is a cyborg."

    Messenger sounds like Robogorg with that description. In the final battle with Matrintis, Robogorg's body was destroyed and his head remained after the big battle with the Goseigers.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    October 14, 2013 at 6:39 AM

    They don't have to explain it if they edit out all the pre-zyuranger rangers out of the show. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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