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The "Return of Ultraman Ginga" Trailer

After weeks of waiting, Ultraman Ginga will finally make its return in New Ultraman Retsuden this November 20th. Tsuburaya had posted a short preview showcasing brand new scenes!

The three of the five new episodes, that airs from November to December, will be entitled "The Closed World" (EP 07), "Ginga Spark Deprived" (EP 08), and "The Jet Black Ultra Brothers" (EP 09). It has been confirmed that Ultraman Ginga will have a total of 11 episodes.

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5 Responses
  1. dhathor Says:

    The fact that Ginga only has 11 episodes makes me wanna think it was just an expanded toy commercial. Is this also, like, one of the signs that the toku genre is declining in Japan?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Negative dhathor, is it's just that Tsyburaya productions just can't afford a full year length Ultraman show anymore. Which is sad. Ultraman Ginga is a fun little show. It really does suck that it only has 11 episodes. You know what show should have 11 episodes instead??? Power Rangers Megaforce

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Nice one said there ��

  4. Nice one! But i'm following JDF of power rangers. Haha

  5. Unknown Says:

    wELL, THE FACT i DON'T CARE how much episode of Ultraman Ginga or Tsuburaya can afford it much full lenght, but we must know Ultraman Ginga is part of New Ultraman Retsuden but he star in his own show. Power Rangers Megaforce is the suck one. Gooo Ultraman Ginga. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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