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New Kamen Rider Gaim Toy Catalog [Complete]

After all those blurred images and incomplete scans, finally, here's a complete scan of the new Kamen Rider Gaim toy catalog featuring the Kachidoki Lock Seed and the DJ Gun. The pages also gives a much better look at the silhouette of Gaim's new arms changes or upgrades.

Having the complete page scan, we got to see something new in here. First off is the combination of the DJ Gun and Musou Saber into a bigger sword.

The last, but not the least, is the schedule published at the final page of the catalog. Listed under December is Kamen Rider Gaim along with his Musou Saber and Sengoku Driver. Under January, it's most likely the debut of the Energy Riders, with Shin Zangetsu and the Genesis Driver and Sonic Arrow under it. February is a silhouette of Gaim with the Sonic Arrow and the Sengoku + Genesis Driver. Lastly, March shows another silhouette of Gaim with the Kachidoki Lock Seed and DJ Gun.

More information regarding this arm changes or upgrades will become available at a later date.

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5 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    so initially gaim will get his sengoku-genesis driver form first and then the kachidoki form after that?? first i thought the opposite..LOL

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I like the Dj gun, silly namee but the color scheme and design is great, the combination with the musou saber is ahhhh ok. At least it can interact with the other toys.

    As for the two Gaim form silhouettes one coming in February features Gaim combining this sengoku driver with the genesis driver, allowing him access to the sonic arrow. Then in March he uses the kachidoki lockseed and gets the dj gun. That silhouette of Gaim looks awesome and different leading me to believe it is his true mid season upgrade. The episodes would add up to. From next week's episode 11 that leads into episode 20ish by March. But why does the February Gaim form looks so normal. Is he getting two mid season upgrades or what??

    Also notice there is also one more silhouette of what looks like Zangetsu. So awesome he gets another form change!!! Ouja number two.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I really don't think it's a Genesis + Sengoku Driver. More like Energy Lockseed + Sengoku Driver. I mean, isn't the Genesis Driver the juicer? Doesn't look like the juicer on the Sengoku Driver.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    It lools like,that Gaim and Zangetsu,will be the only ones,with upgrades.Such a shame.I would really want,to see a power up for Baron or Ryugen.

  5. Anonymous Says:

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