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Fans Worry About Ninomiya Kazunari's Health

Arashi's Ninomiya Kazunari has been busy with his NTV drama "Yowakutemo Katemasu". However, fans have noticed some changes on the actor's health condition which made them voice out their concerns.

Recently in a variety show, there is a portion when Ninomiya was asked to remove his shoes and fellow Arashi member, Ohno Satoshi helped him to do so quoting himself as a "big Hollywood star." Because of it, Arashi fans found their way in Twitter as the truth revealed that Ninomiya has been suffering from severe back pain which hinders him from bending even from removing his own shoes.

In line with that, screencaps taken from the said variety show filming shows him seated on a chair with cushion as compared to the other members who don't. In fact, he even displays the common symptoms of sciatica, a condition where an individual suffers from pain and numbness in the lower body (particularly on the legs) due to damaged nerves.

With this, fans commented:

"Everyone is worried about Nino. We have always known that he had this condition. Maybe it worsened because it's his first drama in such a long time. Even then Nino never quits smiling, and the members are always watching out for him. It's amazing. It just shows once again how every single one of them is crucial to the group. That's why I can't stop being an Arashi fan."

"Nino's sciatica problem is well-known among his fans, I think. However, there are many people who have no idea. This is because he never uses it as a reason to give any less and never shows his weak side. It's amazing. And the other members who support him too."

via Tokyohive | Twitter

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