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Shinoda Mariko Plans to Grow Her Hair Long?

Former AKB48 member/team leader Shinoda Mariko had tweeted last April 23rd that she's planning to grow her hair that leads to a big debate among her followers.

It's not new to Shinoda having longer hair since she had it before when she was just starting as an AKB48 member but people had known her more with her short hair. With that, fans began throwing her questions about it.

Everything started when a follower asked her, "Mari-chan, are you going to always keep your hair short?" Then she replied with, "For now I will keep it as it is...but once I am done with my role I want to grow it out." And the house was divided to "agree" and "disagree."

Another follower commented "There aren't many people in this world who fit the short hair style so well. I hope Mariko-san will always keep her hair short." which sounded like convincing her to keep it as it is. Then the former idol answered with, "Oh no~ no no~."

Shinoda even uploaded some of her photos with longer hair and receives comments: "Suits you well," "Mariko-sama looks better with short hair," "Looks cute with long hair too."

After she had graduated from AKB48 last year, Shinoda made herself active on being a model and talent. Also, her short hairstyle has been her trademark as it makes her different with the other members who have longer hair back in her AKB days. One good reason for fans to disagree with the change. But why not?

via Tokyohive | Daily Sports

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