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DAIGO Renders his Voice in Love Stage!! Anime

It has been announced on Thursday in the official website for the upcoming anime of Eiki Eiki and Zaou Taishi's boys-love manga Love Stage!! more of its cast members. Including in the cast is the singer DAIGO who will play the role of Sena Shogo, the vocalist of the popular band Crusherz and Izumi's elder brother. Aside from that, he has a serious brother complex for Izumi.

DAIGO commented on having this opportunity with a laugh, "I've finally stepped into this world, too! I'm the only one who can do this." In fact, he is the younger brother of Eiki Eiki who made him as the basis of Shogo same with his band Crusherz which was based from his former band, BREAKERZ.

Love Stage!! cast includes:

Hirakawa Daisuke as Sagara Rei, a manager at Sena Pro.

Okiayu Ryotaro as Sena Seiya, Izumi and Shogo's father; the president of Sena Pro.

Ohara Sayaka as Sena Nagisa, Izumi and Shogo's mother; a popular actress.

Yamamoto Kazutomi as Sotomura Kosuke, Shogo's manager.

Kimura Ryohei as Kuroi Takahiro, Izumi's co-member in the manga club at college.

Sakai Kyoko as Shino Kazumi, a manager at B-Dash.

Morikubo Showtaro as Ryuzaki Kojiro, the president of B-dash.

Majima Junji as Hidaka Tenma, Kojiro's secretary.

Yonaga Tsubasa as Sena Izumi

and Eguchi Takuya as Ichijo Ryouma

Based from Eiki Eiki and Taishi Zaou's boys-love manga, the story is about Sena Izumi who was born in a family of ultra-famous entertainers. But despite the fact that their family has a big name in the entertainment industry, he's the only member who is not into it. Instead, his super otaku personality takes his dream to become a manga creator but ended up starring in a TV commercial and encounters the famous Ichijo Ryouma, who becomes aware of his attraction towards Izumi.

To direct the series is Kasai Kenichi (Major, Bakuman., Nodame Cantabile) at J.C. Staff. In-charged to work on the series composition is Yokote Michiko (xxxHOLIC, Squid Girl) and Ito Yoko (key animator for Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, Turn A Gundam) on the character design. The series is set to premiere on July.

via Anime News Network | Oricon Style

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