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New Characters In 3rd PV of Kamen Rider Battride Wars 2

A 3rd PV for Bandai Namco Games' Kamen Rider: Battride Wars II themed "Awaken The Power" has featured the inclusion of new playable characters.

As seen in the video, it introduces the inclusion of Kamen Rider Shin Zangetsu and Tokugawa Yoshimune as playable characters. The trailer's background music is titled "Break the Shell" by the Kamen Rider Girls.

The game is slated for a June 26 release and cost 7,120 yen in both platforms. A limited Premium TV & Sound Edition will also be released Bandai Namco Games this August containing 40 songs from the past Heisei Rider shows and it cost 10,450 yen.

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1 Response
  1. AbareKillerFan Says:

    I'd read elsewhere that the PSE doesn't go on sell in August but the chance to get it ends with August. So act fast. Which is much better, if both'll be released in June. Also that Shin Zangetsu is DLC. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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