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Power Rangers Super Megaforce: Robo Knight To Have Focus Episodes

According to Fury Diamond, Robo Knight (who went M.I.A in the last episode of PR Megaforce) will return in the next season of Power Rangers Super Megaforce! 
Fury Diamond, a reliable source from Ranger Crew when it comes to Power Rangers news revealed that Robo Knight will return in the middle of the season and will have a couple focus episodes.

As we all know, in the original Japanese version, Gosei Knight only appeared in the Super Sentai 199 Heroes movie. How can they pull this one off when this is a season that's based on Gokaiger? Let's find out in the next season of Power Rangers Super Megaforce.

Source: Orends: Range

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8 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    LOL "A couple of focused episodes". Tzachor is a fucking idiot I swear. They only have so many episodes left and they choose to give the robot a few episodes for character development. This hands down the worst anniversary season that I have ever seen from any show.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    wait what another season of megaforce I thought dino charge is commig up ?

  3. Chaos Says:

    the problem is that their not going bakc to the older formula -just do a straight translation of the sentai and do about 50 episodes stop all this silly pointless stuff -its dumb enough that their still using the goseiger suits -and haven't finished that story up -the main big bad is still out there we never got to see him in his final form or to see the other stuff with him and their is a ton of gokaiger still to go its a waste
    this season is not being handled very well -personally i really think they need to pace themselves better they need to give things more time after 7 episodes we already have our 6th ranger its too quick

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I thought dinocharge was coming out in 2015?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I don't believe a word this article says. "Robo Knight (who went M.I.A in the last episode of PR Megaforce) will return in the NEXT SEASON of Power Rangers Super Megaforce!" Like what?? two seasons of Super Megaforce?????? Second, "a couple of focused episodes" really?? All the summary descriptions of most of the season is out now and they don't seem to be about Robo Knight. I smell bullshit and even if you have "a couple of focus episodes" which I doubt, I don't expect it to be good at all.

  6. "A couple of focused episodes"
    My biggest possible guess will be the return of Evil Robo Knight, with Troy trying to get it back onto their side (Goseiger has those parts as well) so the Rangers will stick to their own Normal Ranger Modes (and also their Ultra Modes) for that.
    ' How can they pull this one off when this is a season that's based on Gokaiger?'
    That should quite explain why the Ranger Suits in Super Megaforce is designed as a second power-up to the original Megaforce suits. It's a way to cross series footage when needed, and explains the idea for the return of Robo Knight.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    @ anon above

    Megaforce/Super Meagaforce is a series of 40 eps. Megaforce was split into 2 seasons and Super Megaforce is split the same way. There's 4 seasons total for the whole series. It was Nickelodeon's decision to season off the series like that.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    It's not really 4 seasons. It's still just two, 20 episode seasons....they just air them really spread apart to make it last the whole year.
    It's like when a show has a mid-season finale and you know its coming back in a few months to finish up. It's still the same season, they just drag it out to make room for something else in the middle or to make the wait between the season finale and the premiere a little shorter or even for a time when they think they will need the ratings boost.

    Like....Warehouse 13 season 4 was 20 episodes but 10 aired July - October 2012 and the other 10 April - July 2013. Still all counted as season 4 though.

    Doctor who season 7? 5 episodes in September 2012, a christmas episode, then the other 8 episodes March - May 2013. Still season 7 though. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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