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Sato Takeru and Kamiki Ryunosuke to Star in Bakuman. Live-Action Film

Coming out on 2015 is the live-action film adaptation of Ohba Tsugumi and Obata Takeshi's popular manga, Bakuman..

Versatile actor Sato Takeru (Kamen Rider Den-O, BECK, Rurouni Kenshin) will play the role of Mashiro Moritaka, a young man who dreams to become a manga artist, while Kamiki Ryunosuke (Tantei Gakuen Q, Rurouni Kenshin) takes the role of his classmate and story collaborator, Takagi Akito. The story revolves around the two as they make their dreams come true of becoming manga creators.

According to Sato, conveying to the world the history, present and the greatness of Japanese manga and "Japanimation" is what he really wanted. Meanwhile, Kamiki considers this opportunity of working on an amazing story as an honor added to the fact that he loves the original manga himself.

To direct the film is One Hitoshi (Moteki, Koi no Uzu/The Vortex of Love). Alongside with him is creator Obata who had thought of the film's concept and will be acting as a staff member as he involves himself directly in the production. Also, his art would be appearing on the film as the different manga Mashiro has drawn.

via Anime News Network

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1 Response
  1. Mr. Maverick Says:

    Ha! Really? Finally, they make it!
    I thought Ryunosuke Kamiki would play as Mashiro. Man... even there was some fan-casting I found & mostly they think Ryunosuke would be perfect as Mashiro.
    But still, I'd like to see how this movie turns out. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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