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Love Stage!! Boys-Love Anime's 2nd Promo Streamed

The second promo for the upcoming Love Stage!! series anime has began streaming on Kadokawa Anime's official channel on Monday. This time, it features SCREEN mode's "LΦVEST" which is the anime's opening theme and Yamamoto Kazutomi's "CLICK YOUR HEART!!".

Ryōma: I... I like you Izumi, even if you are a guy!
Izumi: Good morning, Lalalulu. You're super cute today, too!
Text: An otaku college student who's aiming to become a manga artist: Izumi Sena
Izumi: I'm going to become a manga artist! What I'm aiming for is the Kadoyama Manga Award, and the deadline is at the end of the month!
Ryōma: Ms. Izumi! It's been so long!
Text: The super-popular actor who makes the present sparkle: Ryōma Ichijō
Text: Those two end up filming a commercial together...
Ryōma: Um... I...
Izumi: Huh?
Text: The one he fell in love with was a man...
Izumi: What am I!? Boys-love!? The receiving end (uke) in boys-love!?
Ryōma: I guess this means that my feelings I've had for ten years won't disappear so easily...
Text: The reunion after ten years is the beginning of sparkling days!?
Shōgo: If you do the work, I'll give it to you!
Text: A sparkling love comedy brought by Eiki Eiki and Taishi Zaou!?
Rei: Then what do you intend to do in the future!?
Izumi: Do even guys feel nipples!?
Rei: They do.
Man: I'm so sorry!
Izumi: What are you doing? Give me back my glasses.
Ryōma: So cute...!
Ryōma: There's nothing I can do but give into the fact that after ten years, my feelings aren't going to change just because you're a guy.
Ryōma: Please. Take off your clothes!
Izumi: Hm? Wha-!?

Based from Eiki Eiki and Taishi Zaou's boys-love manga, the story is about Sena Izumi who was born in a family of ultra-famous entertainers. But despite the fact that their family has a big name in the entertainment industry, he's the only member who is not into it. Instead, his super otaku personality takes his dream to become a manga creator but ended up starring in a TV commercial and encounters the famous Ichijo Ryouma, who ecomes aware of his attraction towards Izumi.

To direct the series is Kasai Kenichi (Major, Bakuman., Nodame Cantabile) at J.C. Staff. In-charged to work on the series composition is Yokote Michiko (xxxHOLIC, Squid Girl) and Ito Yoko (key animator for Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, Turn A Gundam) on the character design. The series is set to premiere on July.

via Anime News Network | Otakomu

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