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Saint Seiya CG Film's New Video Features the Saints' Powers

The fifth special video for Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary CG film, "Prologue ~Shōjo no Tabi-dachi~" (Prologue ~A Girl's Departure~) has begun streaming on Tuesday through Toei Animation.

This new video features how Kido Saori discovers her true identity as the goddess Athena and the Saints showing their powers to protect her.

Man: Traitor Saori Kido, who identifies herself as Athena... I shall purge you.
Saori: I don't know anything about that! Also, you keep calling me Athena, but I...
Seiya: I made it just in time! You're Saori, right?
Man: Long ago in Ancient Greece, there was a goddess named Athena. The Saints are the warriors who are the shields to protect Athena.
Saori: Saints!?
Man: And to add to it all, you are that same Athena.
Saori: I don't get this! Why do I have to run away!? That's just weird! Something's wrong with this! There's no reason why I should be killed, but then there's also no reason that I should be running!
Seiya: Pegasus Meteor Fist!
Shiryu: Rozan Kōryu-ha!
Camus: Diamond Dust!
Shun: Nebula Chain!
Saori: Who are you guys?
Seiya: We came to protect you!
Saori: Protect me?
Seiya: Don't worry, we'll bring you to the Temple of Athena!
Seiya: Have you ever felt the true cosmos in your heart?
Seiya: OK, let's get going.
Saori: I'm heading out now.

The original soundtrack for the film is scheduled to be released on June 18th as announced by the film's official website. Added to that, each copy includes one from 17 main character trading cards which is selected in random.

This popular Sanctuary arc is the one to adapted from Kuromada Masami's original Saint Seiya mythological fantasy manga of "Bronze Saints vs. Gold Saints." Also, both the official website and trailer contains the following quotation from the mangaka himself: "The Seiya legend began here." X Japan's Yoshiki will be contributing it's theme song "Hero (Yoshiki Classical Version)".

It was confirmed in February 2011 by Toei Animation that the production for a new computer-animated film of Saint Seiya had been pushed through. Satou Keiichi (Tiger & Bunny, Ashura) is in-charge of the project, while Kuromada is credited still as the original created and chief production supervisor. It is also him who gave the film's title. Aside form that, the screenplay is written by the scriptwriter of the six Tiger & Bunny episode, Suzuki Tomohiro.

The film is scheduled to open in Japan on June 21st and will be shown also in Mexico and Peru this year.

via Anime News Network

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5 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    That's fucken awesome!

  2. Asura Says:

    Okay, three things.

    One: The first line is spoken by Leo Aiolia.
    Two: The one telling Saori the story of Athena is Tatsumi, her butler.
    Three: Shiryu said "Rozan Shoryu Ha", not "Rozan Koryu Ha".

  3. The cloth is awesome doing that transformer thing! This is definitely a must watch!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    looks super fun im really looking forward to it

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Es posible que se transmita aquí en Perú xD - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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