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Kamen Rider Drive Henshin Belt Finally Named

Ok boys and girls, we have another confirmation re Kamen Rider Drive. According to the IPDL site, the latest henshin belt that will being seing this year (which Kamen Rider Drive will use) is called the Drive Driver. No news about the gimmicks and goodies about this one so stay tuned for more news.

One thing is coming out of every fan's imagination: will the Drive Driver's main gimmick be the same as the Zecters from Kamen Rider Kabuto? A miniature car that's shaped like the one above is summoned and the user attaches it to the belt to transform? Will find out sooner or later.

Source: Firestarter's Blog

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14 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    i would think that the driver would be key based similar to gokaiger.he would have different powers based on the keys used.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Just from the name of the Driver I get the feeling that this is going to be a more lighthearted, comedic series, possibly in order to balance out how dramatic Gaim has been. Not that that's a bad thing, even though a lot of people seem to think silliness is a cardinal sin and ruins everything forever, but I wouldn't mind something that was just... Silly and goofy, I guess.

  3. Drive Driver? Seriously? Then again, unless its an awesome belt and similar with the zecter system in Kabuto then I am sold.

  4. mechahawk Says:

    Toqger uses the same process (using miniature trains to transform) is possible that this is the Kamen Rider equivalent!

  5. Mr. Maverick Says:

    Ha! I knew it! Drive Driver!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Since decade,They named rider's henshin belts from the rider's name (Except gaim).

  7. Anonymous Says:

    This's Kamen rider hot wheels :v

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry mechahawk but a ToQger rendition of Kamen Rider. Hell no. I pray Toei isn't that stupid to revert back to that sillyness Barney friendly style of story telling. I think the bulk of Toku fans wouldn't be able to handle another Fourze. Especially after the awesomeness of Gaim.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    You know...I'm sure Drive will have its dark and serious moments....Kamen Rider is supposed to be a darker version of super sentai, right? and the driver name....... I can live with it.... I'm sure Drive will turn out good.....

  10. KamenCat Says:

    Kamen Rider a darker version of Sentai. LOL
    1. Riders and Sentai are different.
    2. Kamen Rider came before Sentai so how is it suppose to be a darker version?

  11. KamenCat Says:

    The equivalent to ToQger is Den-O because they're both train themed.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    driver belt with key version?...that was already car use smart key with push start button....hahaha

  13. Anonymous Says:

    maybe they should change the name also call kamen driver

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Drive Driver Drivest.

    I just had to create that crappy pun. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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