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Kamen Rider Drive: Mashin Chaser Rumor And Character Info

There's no stopping the Kamen Rider Drive fever so here's a rumor regarding Mashin Chaser and some information for the characters in the series.

Mashin Chaser's human form will be portrayed by Taiko Katono. There's still no clear confirmation of Mashin Chaser is human or if he is also a rider. He is also a silent ladies man and will use the same weapons similar to Drive's but instead of using Shift Cars, he will be using Viral Cores.

And as for the characters in the series courtesy of Kotoam67 of HJU:

Tomari ShinnosukeHe's a young man who transforms into Kamen Rider Drive and a policeman belonging to the Special Unit of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. He is "exiled" to the Special Unit, and he has lost his motivation. In past days, he was a hot-blooded elite, but he encountered a certain incident in his past section. He was traumatized by the fact that a detective colleague had no hope of recovery. He will then meet Drive Driver, and find a new goal by becoming the secret hero Kamen Rider Drive.

Shijima Kiriko - She is a cop belonging to the Special Unit of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and she is the heroine of this Kamen Rider. She is a beautiful woman, but she doesn't laugh to the point that she is frightening, and she accomplishes her job mechanically. In reality, she is a person who knows the true identity of Kamen Rider Drive, and she takes an active part in the fights as Shinnosuke's right-hand man. She is a super assistant that also excelled in hand-to-hand combat.

Sawagami Rinna - She is a scientist in electronic physics and is an honorary member of the Special Unit of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. She is performing studies of the enemy monsters' power, and is helping Shinnosuke's double investigations as the person in charge of the mechanics. She is single and is rather impatient on the inside. She has a bright personality, and is the mood maker of the Special Unit.

Otta Genbachirou - He is the assistant police inspector belonging to the first investigation division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, and is a very active detective that has been dispatched from the first investigation division as a cooperating contact man. He thinks that the work of the Special Unit is completely trouble, and he is mocking the Special Unit by saying that it is an "occult club". He has a sharp tongue, but is a detective that people can count on, and his methods surprisingly match with Shinnosuke's. In reality, he is an amazing doting parent, and regarding only that point, he doesn't want it to be known by anyone.

Honganji Jun - He is the section chief of the Special Unit of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department (His managerial position is the police superintendent). He is a centrist (from the political view) who really hates troubles, and ordered Kiriko to keep an eye on Shinnosoku because of his habit to skip work. He seems to be anxious about fortune-telling and feng shui (Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment), and the color of his necktie is the lucky color of the very same day.

Saijou Kyuu - He is a network student and an honorary member of the Special Unit of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. He is an expert in digital, who possesses in great number network-related books, and his information-gathering capacity is also high. He has the so-called otaku-like appearance, and is single. His occult hobbies are also entering slightly dangerous areas, and there is also the fact that his approach towards cases is sometimes frowned upon by the whole unit.

Toraidron - Toraidron is the super machine that Kamen Rider Drive drives. Usually, it's a car that the Special Unit of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department owns, but when the Drive Driver senses the enemy's existence, the car changes into a form where the left front wheel is exposed. Moreover, according to the orders of the Drive Driver, Toraidron will also change into forms from the Type Speed basic form so that it can cope with various environments. Also, Drive Driver is stored in the vicinity of the deck board in Toraidron.

Heart Roimyuud - He is a leader of the Roimyuuds, and is a man difficult to approach with a black coat for his visual aspect. He is acting in secret as the mastermind of the Roimyuuds, he is a show-off who doesn't care about minor details, and he sometimes hastens things by force, but his power is still unknown.

Bullen Roimyuud - He is a leader of the Roimyuuds. He is the head of the Roimyuuds, and is in charge of analysis and information gathering. He has a nervous personality, and regards Kamen Rider Drive as the most dangerous. He can also perform attacks that affect the nerves.

Source: Heroshock

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2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    ok unrelated comment here but... ive just finished watching the rider war movie and was totally disapointed by the 555 storyline, why they felt the need that they had to change how events happened is beyond me. Everything else was acceptable, apart from the fourze voice actor... being a massive fourze fan, i didnt think using the voice actor of ryutaros was the right choice, rant over, on the plus side drive is shaping up nice

  2. Anonymous Says:

    why do i get the feeling that this might turn out to be a replica to super sentai, minus the zords part - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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