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Kamen Rider Drive: New Shift Car & Tire Toy Information

2ch has provided us some new information about Kamen Rider Drive's Shift Car and Tire toyline. Read on after the break for some hot KR Drive toy news.

  • The Shift Dimension Cab comes with the Shift Dream Pegasus in Shift Car Set 02.
  • The Shift Burning Solar is part of the 2nd Gashapon set.
  • The Funky Spike, Massive Monster, and Justice Hunter Tires are part of the TK02 Tire Set 1st.
  • The Rumble Dump Tire comes with TK03 Type Wild.
  • The Dream Pegasus, Mad Doctor, and Spin Mixer Tires are included in TK04 Tire Set 2nd.
  • The Fire Braver tire comes with the TK05 Type Technique.

    Source: Orends: Range Via 
    Carception Henshin Tumblr
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    11 Responses
    1. Man I Can't Wait For Kamen Rider Drive

    2. Can't Wait For Kamen Rider Drive

    3. Can't Wait For Kamen Rider Drive
      1! 2! 3! Go!

    4. Anonymous Says:

      I spy a lock seed on the 2nd page! Lol

    5. Anonymous Says:

      TOEI is sitting on their asses with this. I'm in no absolutely no rush for GAIM to end. But where are the clear scans, character profiles, production crew and actors information? It's almost September and they are usually on time with this stuff.

    6. Anonymous Says:

      I wish that this show will make Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Return. one thing that I hate about new riders is they have Some many forms unlike the older one that has Base,a more powerful form ,and their final form.

    7. Anonymous Says:

      Must be for the crossover.

    8. Wow sir, you had to calm your tits will ya? We don't have a clear scans as well as cast and production crew until mid of September so all we can do right now is to sit down and wait for new updates to come.

    9. Anonymous Says:

      The Cars of Drife Can to transform to be Mecha like transformers right ?????

    10. Anonymous Says:

      @Anon2: How do the press conferences work? I ask because I genuinely don't know. I'd assume there's some limitation to when they can announce things, it can't be as simple as "We've decided to announce a thing, let's announce it here now."

    11. Anonymous Says:

      The Car of Drive can to transform to be Mecha like transformers, right ? - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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