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Kamen Rider Drive: Introducing Majin Chaser And The Roimyudo!

With 2 more weeks before Kamen Rider Drive's premiere, here are some nifty information about Majin Chaser and his gang of evolving monsters, the Roimyudo.

Majin Chaser's human form will transform using the Break Gunner and his super machine is called the Ride Chaser. He's human name is Chase and he is Shinnosuke's rival. 

And as for the Roimyudo, they cam transform from human form to base monster form and can also evolve into iron form by activating their viral shift cars. Seen in the scan are the 1st 3 Roimyudo that Drive will face: Bat, Cobra and Spider Roimyudo. Also featured in the scan is the monster form of Heart and Brain.

Image Source: Hero Shock with translations from Little Miss Marikit 

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