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Power Rangers Super Megaforce Episode 19-20 Descriptions

Last time, we gave you a heads up regarding the episode titles and descriptions for the the last few remaining episodes (11-18) of Power Rangers Super Megaforce. Now Fury Diamond has given us some updates regarding the descriptions for episode 19-20.

19. WrathBelieving that the earth is no longer threatened, Orion returns home not without making his heartbreaking farewell to Power Rangers. But Gosei intercepts a message from the Emperor Mavro, head of the Armada, suggesting it is preparing a new invasion.

20. Legendary BattleThe Emperor Mavro and what remains of his fleet fought relentlessly against the Power Rangers, who are weakened and lost their Zords. In a final burst of heroism, they hire the final battle. At this moment and unexpectedly come into play every team in legendary Power Rangers, to assist them in battle. Through their combined efforts, they are destroy the Emperor and his fleet. Earth is released.

Source: Ranger Crew

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10 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    What i dont get about this series... right... how can tommy use the power of the green ranger? He also cant use the white tiger power coin... so both those suits should be gone, as for zeo and beyond i dont really know but... and here it is... shouldnt he be in the most recent suit that hasnt been lost in previous battles if there are any?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Alright! Earth is released in episode 20. I was waiting for the time they would be released. Who would ever want the world saved when it can be released? I can't wait for the release of these Sentai rangers and hopefully get a good POWER Ranger season.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Oh yeah,i forgot,Gokaiger and Goseiger were combined together,thats why those two sets of teams cant exist together in the Americanized version

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Jeez cramming so much and producing so little. This Anniversary farce was a disaster from the onset. It's almost over now

  5. Anonymous Says:

    For something that's supposed to be a celebration of the past, this doesn't really feel very nostalgic.

    As for Tommy, his getting the old Green or White or whatever powers back should be the least of anyone's concern. If the writers want a Ranger to regain a certain power, they'll make it happen no matter the logic (see Adam). Or, they don't even have to explain anything (Forever Red).

  6. Hairball Says:

    In regards to the first Anon...i refer you to the MMPR Season 2 three parter Return of the Green Ranger as to how a Green Coin still DOES exist

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Well this season was crap.
    But I appreciate that they tried so hard to combine two sentai series into one.
    And it's neat that they tried to make veal the basco for super mega force.
    And you have to appreciate the sentiment by having a few super sentai exclusive teams in this anniversary series. It would be like if super sentai introduced the titanium ranger in japan.
    Of course, this season fails incredibly because it rushes so much plot in an episode yet it wastes time to show the characters doing nothing of value. Yeah mighty morphin power rangers did that, but that's because they had to edit stock footage together to tell a cohesive story, while most of the footage was unusable and they had no budget to reshoot scenes, so they had to space out an episode with 15 mins of the characters not doing anything of value. Plus they told a completely different story that's nothing like zyuranger.
    This show did an alright job retelling goseiger, but for Pete's sake they butchered gokaiger and made it into 20 episodes of characters fighting bad guys and getting new power ups to sell kids. They missed an opportunity at having the rangers trying to find something. But neither do they look for roboknight nor do we get anything as interesting as the looking for zordon plot in power rangers in space.
    It's a failed sentai translation, but it's a mediocre power ranger season at worst.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Wasnt the power drawn from the candle rather than the coin?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I honestly don't think it's sentiment that we have pre-Zyu teams here, but rather just the inability/unwillingness to bring over monster costumes from Japan and the cost of making original American footage. It's a business call, not a shout out to fans. But devoting time to pre-Zyu teams also means no time left for actual Zyu+ teams -- we're past the halfway mark and there are teams that Super Megaforce *still* hasn't morphed into.

    The big appeal of Gokaiger was to tune in each week to see which 3 (on average) teams they'd morph into and see them in action one more time, for nostalgia. But Super Megaforce brings no anticipation since half the time they morph into teams that the audience has no connection to; worse yet, at times they'll morph and then cut away with no action, meaning the whole reason for the Legendary Ranger powers to exist in the first place gets wiped away. "Remember the Alien Rangers? Here's a suit, but that's all you get. No fighting."

    For one thing, let's remember that PR is a toy commercial. That's fine, we've accepted that from day 1. But what's the point of promoting teams with no American made toys? Because again, it's cheaper to reuse as much footage as possible, even if there are no toys to be sold.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    In Linkara's History of Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive I thought he came up with a good fan theory for Adam having the Mighty Morphin powers that can explain Tommy having restored Green Ranger Powers:


    A lot of years has past since Mighty Morphin, with the rangers no longer fighting monsters and having more time to study the powers. They always had the morphers, and it seems as time past they got more knowledgeable. In "In Space" we see that even without the power coin the morphers can still work temporarily. We see the Red Ranger, Zero Red, and Turbo Red powers restored in Forever Red.

    Then we get to Dino Thunder. Tommy is now a scientist and teacher, and using a new power source in the dino gems creates a whole new team of rangers and zords (and the original rangers already knew how to make Zords as they helped build the zords in Zeo).

    So why wouldnt tommy after years of study and assumingly still in posession of the Green morpher not figure out in 20 years how to restore the green rangers power?

    Heck you want to simplify it, here is as good a theory as any:

    He found a green dino gem and figured how to use it to power the morpher in place of the dragon coin. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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