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Kamen Rider OOO Tagalog Dub Clip

Managed to wake up early and record the first battle scene from the Philippine TV premiere of Kamen Rider 000 on GMA7. Check it after the break and drop us some comments on what you think about the newest Tagalog dubbed Kamen Rider series.

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5 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    I can't hear the dub over your camera :(

  2. Anonymous Says:

    just boost up the volume on your speaker or your headset and everything will be fine.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    hopefully they will never english dub the kamen rider ooo series in the usa because it would be horrible.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    It depends on who does it, I guess. This one was done professionally with GMA being an actual tv company with it's own station and not a fan one.

  5. Kyle Uy Says:

    I already watch the tagalog dub of Kamen rider OOO and so far they did a good job as they maintain the original name of the characters and the signature move "henshin" rather than "rider change" - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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