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DX Break Gunner & DX Viral Core Set 001 Official Images

And here's the official images for the DX Break Gunner, the Roidmude hitman's main weapon of choice, along with the DX Viral Core Set 001.

The various SFX for the Beak Gunner is activated by pushing the barrel in the front of the gun and also by the use of the Viral Cores that can be inserted in the back. DX Shift Cars are also compatible with the Gun Breaker. The DX Break Gunner set includes a Bat Viral Core and will cost 3,800 yen while the Viral Core Set 001 cost 1404 yen and both will be released this November.

Source: Toku Nation 

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3 Responses
  1. Chaos Says:

    ok this guy is definately proto drive -it seems to me if their making his weapon set he is going to end up as a rider at some point

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Did anyone else notice that the viral cores look like modified 90's batmobiles

  3. Anonymous Says:

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