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Taz Kayden: Operation Black Unicorn Trailer

Here's the trailer for batinthesun's newest web series, Taz Kayden: Operation Black Unicorn that stars Power Ranger fan favorite Jason David Frank a.k.a. Tommy Oliver.

Here's the story for the web series:

"Taz Kayden a mercenary for hire, is tasked with the job of retrieving the "Black Unicorn" weapon from his revenge fueled ex-partner Russell Wallace (John Morrison) before it's sold to an underground terrorist group."

Besides JDF, the series also stars Power Rangers Timeforce's Jason Faunt (Wes Collins/Red Timeforce Ranger).

Episode 0 will be released in January 2015 that will follow a kickstarter to fund the series.

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2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    "I've been known to play the flute in high school."
    It's next to impossible that that was a refference to him being the Green Ranger ...

  2. Anonymous Says:

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