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Gekidan's First Death Anniversary: A Dear Friend's Look Back

It's been a year since we all lost a dear friend, a loving son and brother, a hardworking bread winner to his family and the bringer of good news for the tokusatsu, anime and gaming community. But the spirit of this ultimate good guy is still alive in our hearts. Here's my little look back at the times that me, my friends had with Daniel through the good and bad times.

For some, they considered Daniel as a weak individual... but as a friend who considered him as a real brother through the good and bad times, he was the most respected, most intelligent, most resourceful and the greatest person that was ever born. Hell, i even wished that i was like Dan!

He never took for granted anybody and he never put people in a bad situation. Sometimes, people mock him due to his condition. But instead of self-pity and hatred for this people, he just laughed at their faces as if he was giving them all a Godzilla-sized middle finger and work his day instead off without giving a flying F to this people that i considered below him. To be honest, I considered myself as a spec of dust in the presence of this awesome but humble person. In-fact, i also consider him a troll of trolls. You give him a jab, he'll give you a nut-shot.

Thanks to him, the first Uchuu Keiji trio from the Philippines was introduced in the whole tokusatsu cosplay community (I was the Gavan at that time) and people calls me Gavan every time i attend conventions without suiting up as Gavan.

Thanks to him, me and my friends whom i met Dan with are still solid through the good and bad times and nothing will come through this awesome bond that we are giving importance even if Dan is now resting with the Big One in the sky.

One thing that keeps me weeping sometimes is the time that he last called me, way back in December 23 or was it 22 last year but i didn't have my phone at that time. Then his sister, Magnum, called me later that night and told me that they went on an Christmas sale and she told me that Dan was calling me and was gonna ask me if i wanted a Legacy Morpher as a Christmas gift. Even though i didn't receive any, as everybody says, it's the thought that counts and that was the greatest gift that i received that Christmas. I wanted to call him back to thank him but he was already resting. The next day, Magnum called me again to tell me that his big bro has been admitted to the hospital 

December 30 was the worst day that ever fell on me for the 2nd time and the news that i received from one of our friends broke and destroyed everything in my world. I lost another loved one at the same day that i lost my father. 

Visiting his last night was the hardest thing that i did. Looking at his coffin made me burst into tears and told myself "WHY MUST THE GOOD GUYS ALWAYS HAVE TO GO FIRST? IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME, A WORTHLESS NOBODY AND AN @$$WIPE!". And then, Dan's mother came to me and told me "Look at him, he's smiling. All the pain and suffering that he had endured his whole life is finally gone... please be happy for him and stop being sad" and then i realized, she was right. I should be happy for him because Dan has fought the ultimate battle of his life and he has won. 

After Daniel was brought to his final resting place, i made a promise that i will look for his family and with the help of our friends, that i will help JEFusion and keep his legacy alive. Some of you might like or even hate me for my work here at JEFusion but i told myself that it will not stop me from doing what Dan has done because he too has received criticisms in his work too far too greater than mine but that didn't stop from giving you the latest geek news. His advice: "Once you work here, don't mind the crap that people are throwing at you. Just keep working and eventually, some of them will like you for what you're doing".

After our visit to Daniel's grave today to pay respect and some quality time for a dear friend, i made another promise: Henshincon will be the Philippine version of Power Morphicon and i will give everything in my power to make it happen and that i will do my best to improve on writing for the blog.

Here's to you Daniel, we love and miss you very much. Hope to see and play online billiards with you again soon.

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4 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    You should have picked a title more subtle than "death anniversary". Maybe use the word "passing".

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks to Gekidan's work, I've been able to learn more about Kamen Rider and tokusatsu series I never knew existed.

    I wish I could've thanked him for that.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I think it should be changed too. Death in the title sounds distasteful, and not friendly.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    It's nice to improve each other's English vocabulary use. But perhaps we could also remember and appreciate the work of a great man who tirelessly worked to bring us the latest news on the tokusatsu that we all love.

    Thanks to the current team who carried on the awesome work too. Happy new year to all, and thank you for keeping us connected to the world of tokusatsu! - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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