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Ninninger Toy Gimmicks/Info, Ranger Names & Mechas

A recent scan has surfaced featuring the main mecha for the Ninninger team and some new info re toys, ranger names and mechas has followed. Read-on after the break to know what's new about Ninninger!

Before everything elese, all information are credited to Japanese blogger Cranejoe.

Ranger names will be Akaninja, AoninjaKininjaShironinjaMomoninja.

Main Mecha is called Shuriken Gattai Shurikenjin. This five piece robot is composed of Shinobumaru, a humanoid robot ninja/torso, Dragomaru, left arm/dragon, Danpumaru, a dump truck/right arm, Wanmaru, a dog, one of the 2 legs and Byunmaru, onomatopoeia meaning something that is moving fast. The main gimmick of the mecha is similar to Ohranger Robo's helmet change where different Shurikens can become Shurikenjin's helmet and gives the mecha different attributes.

Additional mechas are called Otomo Shinobu with the first 2 being called Paonmaru and UFOmaru and a 3 stage transformation mecha called Shinobumaru Whirlwind.

As for the toy gimmicks and price, here's the list:

Shinobi Shuriken – Just like the Shinkenger Hiden Discs. the swords are activated by setting the Shurikens. Voice and LED’s in each. with each of the 5 Ninningers Shurikens will be capable of forming the head of their main robot as well!

DX Shinobigatana Best Sword - Sword weapon/changer of the series. This toy includes the Red Shuriken, 4980 yen.

DX Gammagamma Gun - Includes Blue Shuriken, 3980 yen.

DX Ninnin Buckle - Includes Shiro/White Shuriken, 2800 yen.

DX 5 Super Ninja Tonnin shuriken - 1800 yen.

Sentai Hero Series soft vinyl figures for all 5 Ninjas. 800 yen each  to bre released in February.

Ninnin Action Series figures coming in February for 1500 yen each.

Punch Fighter Ninninger2400 yen

Source: Toku Nation

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11 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    wait.... a DUMP TRUCK???

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Very interesting. But the mechs seem pretty random. A dragon,dog,DUMP TRUCK?? and an unknown leg-bot.Weird. I like that their side-arm is their weapon.

    Shame that they don't have elemental powers

  3. i think its first time we see a mecha mix, with a dumptruck with animals, sound silly, at first, but when you think about it, it might be a cool idea after all :3

  4. Anonymous Says:

    A dump truck?! Also anyone else notice the teams look more like knights than ninjas, and seriously thouh, a dump truck, please tell me they summon it by tossing a rugby (because I'm british and I refuse to call it a football) ball around

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I hope that it isn't a dump truck. The rest all seem to be animals or animal-ish. A dump truck is definitely out of place. Either way, I will be buying it.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    That Random Dump Truck

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Kakuranger + Boukenger? Sweet.

  8. Anonymous Says:


  9. So the zords are a combination of animals and machines? Weird at first but I think it has some awesome potential

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Everyone is talking about the dump truck but there is also a UFO mech its more out of place than a dump truck

  11. It has been revealed Byunmaru is a train. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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