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The Greatest Brother One Could Ever Have: Gekidan

A year has been passed yet all the memories stays as it is.
He may have left us for good but he will never be forgotten.

He was first known as GekiViolet from Skewds FanSubs and Henshin Justice Unlimited forums then gradually changed his name to Gekidan, which has been he's best known today. Well, that's how others know him. But for me, he will always be my big brother Dan!

I have shared my life's fondest memories with him even from the time I was born. Our mother told me once before that he doesn't want any younger sibling and he even say, "I'll throw them to a carabao's shit!" when he's still little. By the time she told me that, I remembered him laughing so hard at the idea. Honestly, I never thought of that because all the baby pictures I had, he's always there standing guard before me. We become closer as we grow up; only that, when we have a fight, our parents compares us to ten siblings fighting each other.

The first time I got to know his real condition is when I was in elementary school, 2nd grade I think. I noticed our parents buy anything and everything he wanted and they don't for me. I sulk a lot that time then our mother approached me saying, "Just let it be for we don't know until when he's gonna stay." She always tells me that but I never expect that he will give me more than enough. After our father retired from work, he has already started JEFusion by that time so, he voluntarily stood for the family's finances including my allowance and tuition.

If not for him and his physical condition, we will never be able to meet these wonderful people who kept on supporting us no matter what happens and no matter where they are. Things may have changed for this past year since he's gone but we'll make it sure that all the fun that we will experience and experiencing all throughout is that he is included in each of them.

He is indeed the greatest brother one could ever have! And commemorating the our memories with him brings smiles on our faces. We are very thankful that God brought him to our lives making it more colorful and meaningful...

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4 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    You are missed Gekidan. R.I.P brother

  2. Nero Says:

    Dan was a graphics inspiration for me, for this I am and will forever be thankful for what he taught me.

    Rest easy Dan, we all miss you.

  3. Thank you Dan for everything.

  4. Epic CN Says:

    Can't believe it's been a year now. remember how sad I felt when I first heard he was gone. But no matter how many years go by, he will never be forgotten. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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