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Japanese Spider-Man Arrives In Spider-Verse: Amazing Spider-Man # 12

Heads-up! The emissary of hell has finally made his debut along with his giant robot, Leopardon in the pages of Spider-Verse: Amazing Spider-Man # 12! Time to sing that Japanese Spider-Man intro! YEAH YEAH YEAHHH WOW!

For those who still haven't got any idea who this spider-man is, he was originally created for Japanese television by Toei in 1978. Takuya Yamashiro was a dirtbike racer who was granted incredible power by Garia, an alien from Planet Spider, and tasked with stopping the evil plans of Professor Monster and his nefarious Iron Cross Army. In addition to strength, agility, webs and the occasional machine gun, Takuya, had a bull-themed car called the GP-7 and a giant spaceship that transforms into a lion-themed robot called Leopardon. It introduced the idea of a hero piloting a giant robot to the tokusatsu genre, paving the way for the sentai shows to become Super Sentai, and thus giving us Power Rangers.

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6 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    FUCK YEA! I was so stoked when I got to this page!

  2. partiallyBatty Says:

    -gasp- SUPAIDAMAA!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    you and me both pal buying this as a birthday gift for ME

  4. Yes!! Am a big fan of the Jap Spidey! Glad to see it acknowledged here! AWESOME!!! :D

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Would've been nice to have a spoiler tag BUT this is news is SO GOOD that I don't mind.

    Finally, we get some REAL Toku action up in Marvel.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    A Spider-man with a Dog headed Mecha named Leopard-on!!
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