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Kamen Rider Drive: Type Formula Scans Now Online

At last, we now have a full detailed look on Kamen Rider Drive's upcoming new form, Type Formula! Many thanks to the good guys at J-Hero for sharing this awesome scans!

Kamen Rider Drive can access the attributes of the Type Formula form when he utilizes the power of the Shift Car that will soon aid him, Shift Car Formula. In this form, his armor resembles a blue Formula-1 racing car complete with fenders and a spoiler at the back of his armor ans his helmet is colored yellow and has a visor on it and stickers just like a real Formula-1 race car has.

Armed with the Trailer Cannon (which acts a container for the Shift Car Formula), Type Formula will also have Shift Cars that are specified for this form and they are all pit crew based: Shift Mantann F01 (gas refueling tank), Shift Jack F02 (car jack) and Shift Spanner F03 (spanner/wrench).

This new form will debut next month. So what are your thoughts about Drive's new form?

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8 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Now Drive will transform into a formula 1 like how Accel transformed into a bike

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Just like any other race car you have advertisements or logos on the carin this case type Formula's chest

  3. its look too crowded IMO... simple is better... like gaim, or double.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Look at the logos. It shows all the name of all previous shift cars

  5. Unknown Says:

    @Anon at 3:37

    Yeah, but the ads all seem to tie to either the Shift Cars, or the Signal Bikes. Which is neat.

  6. Lucky Ninja Says:

    It's cool, but looks so bulky.

  7. sad, I also think every Rider's default form is better than their evolution

  8. oh god, can a design miss the point harder. A formula racer is designed for speed, high speed. It's low to the ground to give better center of gravity for better turning and control. Theme wise it should be the best of Type Speed and Technique... but this suit is bulky, slow, and ridiculous looking And the arm tires... I get they need to put the tire change deal somewhere, but it looks cumbersome not fast.

    I will honestly be impressed if the suit actor, without special effects, will be able to make this suit feel quick and agile. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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