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Screw Attack's Death Battle: Gaara Vs. Toph

And here we have another fan favorite vs. fan favorite from the good people at Screw Attack and this time, the earth will rumble from this match as Gaara takes on Toph Bei fong! Place your bets boys and girls!

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2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Welp, saw that coming a mile away.

    Congrats to the victor, whom I won't spoil here.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    it seems things are exaggerated Toph's abilities and limited Gaara's

    -Combines 3 different ages of Toph, 1 of which we have never seen fight another for one against a weakened Korra.
    -Gives her sight beyond sight even though that was because she was using the spirit tree
    -She has instantaneous Bending, even though the shows that Earth Benders needs much focus and power especially for large stones because of the resistence (Earth is shown to need much more power to be used than the other elements, hence why earth bending is kung fu)
    -apparently steel can take that form of pressure
    -Says Toph is a master in sand bending, even though she has never used sand bending in actual combat. She may be able to use Sand bending well, but her sight still probably ins't good. She is earth bender, not sound bender.
    -Her able to turn the stone into rock and crush that said rock with one hand with ease, even though it was shown in the show for her to crush she has to use both hands and she was easily met with resistance.
    -Apparently can take sand shuriken to the face without a scratch
    -grabbing the sand instantly turns the sand to rock, even though it shows she has to dig her fingers into the sand to turn it into rock
    -Apparently so fast she can catch Gaara off guard
    -"Toph can see earth in the air" (sure, I'll let word of God go by, even though this has been contradicted in the show)
    -Bending takes priority because... reasons? even though Amon has shown that bending can be overpowered by an opposite fource. Even Toph couldn't toph the library from sinking.

    -No Shukaku (fair enough, that would be "outside" help)
    -Only goes up to the Gaara vs Father fight, though he fought after that.
    -Gaara is apparently out of Chakra after one (1) Desert Burial. The only time Gaara's chakra reached it's limit was when he was trying to stop a meteor. a single desert burial wouldn't drain him.
    -no ninja tools: not even an exploding tag. (The seal from the War would immobilize Toph in his sand.)
    -no ninja speed (Gaara is fast as is the requirement for the move substitution jutsu which is what Gaara used on Rock Lee)
    -no substitution jutsu (which in a simulation, Gaara would of used in the end to escape Gaara)
    -Gaara's sand not moving as fast as it can. It was able to block a guy that moved fast enough that could dodge an instantaneous.
    -No Lightning Sand. comes from word of God (revealed in the 3rd data book, shown it came from that he got it from when Ai attacked his sand, like in the way that gaara got gold), Toph wouldn't have been able to touch the sand without be shocked by the lightning coursing through (at the least)

    okay, last bit is a bit of an assumption (but Toph got plenty of it during the video) it is unknown exactly how Gaara's Lightning element works for him. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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