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DX Paonmaru & DX UFOmaru Official Images

Bandai has posted the official images for the DX Paomaru & DX UFOmaru, two of the upcoming auxiliary mechas that will soon assist the Ninningers.

This new items will feature triple changing gimmicks (shuriken, humanoid and armor form) and also features sound effects once you combine them with the DX ShurikenjinDX Paonmaru will be released on March 14 while DX UFOmaru is scheduled for release on March 21. and both will cost 3024 yen each.

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12 Responses
  1. Unknown Says:

    The animal and vehicle forms look fine, it's just that I still can't grasp the the "theme" of the mecha this year.

    Still seems random and odd to me. Here's hoping they look alright in the show at the least.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I'm still waiting for someone to make a joke on paonmaru

  3. Anonymous Says:

    His trunk is two inches...from the ground

  4. Anonymous Says:

    @ first anonymous
    The theme is pretty much exactly what you stated random and a combination of the traditional types of , animal, machine, and humanoid. I read a trascript of an interview with the designer for this year and that was the rough gist of what he had said.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    i think the mechas are tribute to past sentai mechas..

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Well going off that, Shinobimaru is likely from Dairanger, Drago is Magiranger, Dump is Boukenger, Wan is Geki, and Byun is Toqger.

    So then Pao is likely Gaoranger...but what's UFO? Timeranger?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    so, every aux mecha will have humaniod forms? we've seen blue's mecha sit on the throne, im wondering about the rest...

  8. Unknown Says:

    To the Anon from March 5th at 10:16, yes. The next Aux mecha is Sufermaru, shown in the same catalog scan with Bison King. It has a surfboard, humanoid, and of course combination form with Shurikenjin.

    Presumeably any future mechs will do the same.

  9. Possibly Megaranger, considering the team's base, the INET, shaped luke a UFO (also a base for Galaxy Mega robo).

  10. Anonymous Says:

    to anon March 5, 2015 at 10:16 AM:

    more like
    shinobimaru is from red saruder
    Dragomaru from ryuuorigami
    Dumpmaru from GogoV yellow dump...or possibly Boukenger
    Wanmaru is form animal-themed sentai
    Byunmaru is from TOGger...

  11. Or Byunmaru is from Gosei Black's Gosei Snake from Goseiger - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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