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Kamen Rider Drive Episode 27 Clips

Check this week's action clip from Kamen Rider Drive episode 27 featuring Gou unleashing his raw hatred against Chase. Oh, and the Ride Boosters also debut in this episode!

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11 Responses
  1. At least this episode explains why Gou hates them so much a the reason why is pretty good.

  2. Unknown Says:

    No it's not. The actions of a few don't mean that all are evil.

    I get that he has personal pain, but to blindly hate makes him as bad as the monsters he claims to fight. And as a heroic Rider, his actions sully the title.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    If I had to guess, I would say at least 1 of 2 theories would be true:

    1) Gou & Kiriko's parents died in the Global Freeze (I think this is unlikely as I think they're dead prior to the event)


    2) Dr. Banno is somehow related to Gou and Kiriko. If this is true, then Gou would have a very good reason to hate all Roidmude. But what's more confusing about this is Gou doesn't show NEARLY as much anger toward Heart as he does to Chase

  4. Boohoo~
    I have to kill all Roidmudes~
    Even though Chase is good now, I need to kill him too~

  5. the problem with go is that he is a hotheaded brat that cant stand chase simply because everyone else is glad to have him on the team i havent seen the full episode but for what i saw in this video chase acted more rider like than go

  6. Unknown put yourself in his shoes and think about how you would feel about deadly machines that can easily be reprogrammed to attack humans again then see how you would feel about them,

  7. Anonymous Says:

    And thus Gou risks becoming like Masato Kusaka. His one other defining goal besides having eternal rights to getting into Mari's pants as he feels he's entitled to was his indiscriminate hate of all Orphnochs. He was very black and white about it...even if he's the only thing he ever thinks is white. The mere notion of an Orphnoch having even a bit of happiness is offensive to him and feels he should "correct" that. And it's ultimately him who pushed Kiba so close to the edge that someone else's push sent him over it. And so, rather than maintain a powerful ally, Kusaka's evil (yes, let's face it, Kusaka was in no way a hero or a good guy) cost Takumi and friends a powerful ally in Kiba.

    So Gou taking his own hate of Roidmudes on the newly allied Chase, who does want to redeem himself, severely risks making Chase feel he's wasting his efforts...and so will reject his attempts to redeem himself. I might be looking at this too deeply, but considering this already happened in the franchise, it's worth noting when it's about to happen again.

  8. Unknown Says:

    Shaun, that still doesn't change that his thinking is wrong, as are his actions. If he was an anti-heroic Rider, then fine, but he's calling and more importantly thinking of himself as a hero. He has the intent, but not the action.

    Further, even WITH his reprogramming, Chase's core program remained. It took Medic nearly rewriting it to do the trick, and even SHE couldn't finish the job. So it's not as easy as you say.

  9. You aren't taking into account 001 abilities to rewrite even human memories if he wanted to he could likely easily overwrite Chase memory in fact he was likely the one that saved Chase in order to drive the Riders to fight each other and not him.

  10. Unknown Says:

    *sigh* It becomes clear that you're quite invested in giving Gou cover for his behavior. Fine.

    Mark my words however. This road he finds himself on will do nothing but harm the heroes side.

  11. Not giving him cover just explaining his reasons why he is justified I mean how many episodes ago was Chase trying to kill them and how many untold people died in the global freeze that was caused by Gou's father. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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