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DX Lion Haoh & Shoubu Chozetsu Changer First Look

Last time, we have seen the first look for Chozetsu Akaninger from the Toyo Toy Show, and now, we have our first look for the DX Lion Haoh and Shoubu Chozetsu Changer.

No release date has been announced for the Shoubu Chozetsu Changer but the good news is, the DX Lion Haoh will be released on July 25 (meaning that we will be seeing the new power-up for the rangers this July) for 7,538 yen.

Source: Toku Nation 

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16 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    In the second pic near the bottom,is that a Ranger Key?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The combination with Shurikenjin looks really silly and I love it. Also why would you put the cockpit on thhe outside of the shest?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    So, Shurikenjin is going to sit on a throne, now? !(◎_◎;)
    (Or, more like stand?)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    This is sitting mecha-ception

  5. arale norimaki Says:

    Lion HaOh! is a giant mecha lion that can transform into fighting zord. Lion HaOh! can also combine with ShurikenJin and Bison King to create HaOh ShurikenJin.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    @Anon1 (Jun 22, 2015 at 11:22 PM)

    It's the Oto-nin for Lion Ha-Oh. AkaNinger's Shinobimaru and their armament zords (Paomaru/Surfermaru/etc) have a "mini-zord" (so to speak) who sits in the "throne" that controls the zord.

    Think of Lion Ha-oh similar to Rodeomaru & Bison King.

  7. Nah, it's just only a display of how Chouzetsu Akaninger would looks like in the later episode. I think they already stopped releasing Ranger Keys after Kyoryuger ends.

  8. Do I smell Guren Lagann here??

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Yea Gurren Lagann all over again with the mecha. And this isn't even the final mecha because it's too early for the final mech

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Nope that's a tiny akaninger that will seat on lian haoh's lion mouth

  11. Anonymous Says:

    i though i saw yatterwan....

  12. Anonymous Says:

    We're getting all kinds of Gurren Lagann now

  13. Andrew Says:

    So now we're getting Super Galaxy Shurikenjin. Awesome, now all we need is Tengen Toppa Shurikenjin. If we get lucky, we could have Super Tengen Toppa Shurikenjin in one of the movies, which would ultimately be an oversized Shinobimaru, lol.

  14. Just who the hell do you think I am??!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Actually thats not an otomo nin. that is akaninger

  16. Jesse Says:

    Is there going to be another mecha?
    because if I remember correctly the Last Ninja id something about a flying otomo-nin - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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