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Jill's "I Married A Power Ranger" Video Diary

Ever wondered how life is when you're married to a person who's a good and hard working provider but is also cosplayer/geek at heart? Well, let Jill, Chris Cantada's wife tell you about their daily adventures.

Well, IMHO, being married to a person like Chris is a very good decision in life because instead of spending money on vices and other worthless things, a cosplayer can make every person, young and old, happy by suiting up as their favorite heroes and also as geeks, they can share their knowledge to their loved ones in life. Better tell your husband/wife some geek stuff than telling them something that will ruin the day for them.

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20 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    While the video itself is merely a way of showing one's appreciation for his/her life partner, your article greatly exaggerates Chris Cantada's worth.

    First off, the title itself is misleading. Chris Cantada is NOT (and probably never will but anything can happen) a Power Ranger. By an in-universe definition, a Power Ranger is a selected individual (usually a group) that displays remarkable and admirable characteristics such as courage, discipline, teamwork and trust among others. In the real world, a Power Ranger is or must have played the role of an actual Ranger in a canon series. Jason David Frank is a Power Ranger; so are Emma Lahana, Erin Cahill, David De Lautour, Alex Heartman among others.

    Based on these definitions, Chris Cantada is anything BUT.

    One notable occasion would be his sudden takeover of a cosplay group. Power Rangers Cosplay PH was originally a group that displayed a fun and unique environment for Sentai and PR enthusiasts everywhere. When he has entered the group, he took control of its creativity and effectively usurping leadership from the group's original creator. Since then, all the group has focused on would be topping each other with their cosplay projects instead of supporting one another. He also openly dismisses other cosplay groups and criticizes other Ranger cosplayers for not joining them, having costumes that are not as "polished" as theirs and/or disallowing PRCPh from taking the spotlight. In relation to the above remarks, he has major issues with his ego thinking that he "represents" the PR community in the Philippines.

    A cosplayer? No doubt. A geek? Obviously. A hard-working husband? Only his wife can answer that. But a Power Ranger? He is not.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    actually i can attest to the anonymous person above. even on the groups this guy is such a tool. it's too damn obvious he cannot separate REALITY & FICTION. Dude just grow up. ur balding already & looks like you're a sick nerd who wants some attention.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    With all due respect to the guy who, based on his comment just showed his great amount of envy of Chris Cantada, JEFusions’ article did not exaggerate his or any other else’s worth.

    Have you seen the video? I read your comment and I strongly believed that you didn’t. The title itself is misleading? And why is that? If his wife wanted to use this title or the phrase Power Ranger to describe her husband dude I’m telling you she’s more than free to do so. You said that Chris Cantada is NOT (and probably never will but anything can happen) a Power Ranger? That’s so much envy dude! Yes we all know that Power Rangers is just a show, hey Naruto is not real neither! What I’m saying is if you are a cosplayer (well based on your comment maybe you are not, or maybe you tried to but we’re not able to so you focused on bashing others specially those who we’re able to do cosplaying) you can be who ever you want to be and in the eyes of those who appreciates what you do, you are who you want to be!

    You said that he took over Power Rangers Cosplay PH? Again so much envy dude! The group was and always will be a group that displayed a fun and unique environment for Sentai and PR enthusiasts everywhere. I’ve seen some of their videos and man they are fun to watch! Especially the Red is Forever Video! Those guys sure looks like they’re having fun together as a group! If you are saying that someone originally started the group then someone “suddenly took over” dude that’s one serious shit and groups with that kind issue would not last or could not even fake the bond and joy and togetherness that Power Rangers Cosplay PH. I myself is a Power Ranger Fan and would like to be a part of their group. I often visit their page to see some of the members’ updates on their new suits! Not all are perfect but all they’re awesome! Makes me want to start with my own suit! I heard that if you want to join they’re group you must have your own suit so I guess I have to start on my suit and I’m telling you start on yours as well.

    So again I’m asking you why so much envy in your heart? Hahahaha! I suggest you watch the video cause I strongly believe that you didn’t! I know that you are a JEFusion follower with that grudge in you towards Chris that is why you did not give yourself a time and just went writing your comment without even thinking so I suggest you apologize to JEFusion as well! Respect Chris’ wife’s opinion about him and respect JEFusions articles cause this is their site anyway! Don’t you say that I don’t respect your comment cause if you read the first line in this comment (go on! read it!) See, I did.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    whomever the anonymous poster above whether it's Pj or even chris himself. I salute you. AMEN BROTHER! so sentai fanatics don't patronize chris cantada. He's an obvious mark for Power Rangers. If i know this guy doesn't know his sentai history. Chris Cantada = Saban dong jerker lol

  5. Unknown Says:

    Anonymous #2: When you see another one of my posts on the groups I'm in, there's a button somewhere next to my name that says BLOCK. Click it. :) And yeah, it's annoying how I'm balding already. Damn.

    Anonymous #3: Thanks man, whoever you are. :)

    Anonymous #4: Yeah man, I so love Power Rangers! I actually know more about it than Super Sentai. Come to think of it, there's so much about Super Sentai I don't know at all. Good thing I named the group Power Rangers Cosplay PH instead of Super Sentai Cosplay PH... that would have been embarrassing! :)

  6. Anonymous Says:

    i'll to give my opinions here. I don't give a crap about chris either even though he's my friend i just don't like him taking over. Who do he think he is? God?! Sweet jesus this guy feels like he owns everything. To think of it he just have some insecurity issues. So chris shut the f up & grow up. Your NOT A POWER RANGER!! -Alvin Balce

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I saw you remove your post jerko! Next time accuse if you have enough proof dimwitted cancer freak-Pj

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Next time you accuse be sure to have some proof, you'll hear from my lawye, this is so much character assasination-Pj

  9. Anonymous Says:

    lawyer amputa, i was just watching this and seeing "pj" react like that makes him very guilty in my book. ok now back to my popcorn.

  10. Unknown Says:

    To the anonymous guy who posted a comment here on June 15,2015 at 9:20 PM, let me say this: I don't type my comments the way you did. The way I type is more intelligible than yours, me being a grammar Nazi and all.

    And another thing, and if I'm ever going to comment on a post I find interesting, I ALWAYS sign in using my name before anything else. I'm not the kind of loser who will hide and cower in anonymity the way you did.

    You disappoint me, anon.

  11. Hindi ako makikipag sabayan sa englishan sa inyo kasi hindi ako kasing husay ninyong lahat. Pero nung nabasa ko yung unang comment ang masasabi ko lang sa gumawa noon kung sino ka man sana pinagisipan mo muna maigi yung ginawa mo kasi una sa lahat hindi naman tungkol lang kay Chris yung video. Inisip mo man lang sana na yun ang tingin ng asawa ni Chris sa kanya at sana hindi mo rin inakusahan ang JEFusion na inaangat nila si Chris Cantada. Sana nagbasa ka muna ng maigi. Hindi ko siya kinakampihan dahil sa kagrupo ko siya, nakakatawa lang na alam nating lahat na malaya tayo gawin ang gusto natin, na malaya tayo magkumento sa mga bagay o sa mga paraang gusto natin pero nakakalimutan natin na MAY KALAYAAN DIN TAYONG MAGISIP AT PILIING GAWIN ANG TAMA. Kayong mga may tinatagong hinanakit sa kalbong tsinoy na yan (Chris biro lang hahaha :P)dapat ilagay niyo man lang sa tamang lugar (o sa pagkakataong ito tamang artikulo)ang inyong mga saloobin at kumento kasi hindi niyo na ginalang yung pananaw nung asawa nung tao at nung Blog na nakaappreciate sa mensaheng gustong ipahatid nung video!

    - Chris Cantada tuloy mo lang ginagawa mo kasi mas marami ka napapasaya at wala ako nakikitang dahilan para kagalitan ka man lang nung ilan diyan unless may utang ka sa kanila at imbis na magbayad ka inuuna mo pa yung suits mo hahahaha :P Regards kay maam jill :)

    - Para sa Anonymous na nabasa ko na gumagamit pa ng ibang pangalan diyan nakakahiya ka! Kung sino ka man higit kanino man alam mo na nakakahiya ginagawa mo pre! Hindi ako nangaaway ah.

    - JEFusion kung kailangan talaga englishan ang comments dito paki translate na lang po hahaha n.nv

  12. Lawyer Says:

    No real lawyer will take your case. Preposterous. You shouldn't have reacted like that. It makes you even more guilty. Here's some advice from a Lawyer: Be a man and know when you've lost... because you just did.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Guys sorry i've orchestrated all the post here just to grab your attention-Chris "Kalbong Intsik" Cantada

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Hoy Alvin Balce Buraot! wala ka lang magawa go home. go cook, et & jerk off on your adobo while chris cantada jerks off on the floor while he watches you-Alvin Balce

  15. Lawyer 2 Says:

    Lawyer, I'm a real Lawyer. You're the one whose guily & Preposterous. Grow up stop playing & sucking on your dolls chris. thanks-Lawyer 2

  16. Anonymous Says:

    So many bitter people in the world today.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Chris, if you are open to criticism just accept the facts posted here. You are simply a chinoy frustrated to be a power ranger. Thats why you resulted on spending your fortune on a dream that is highly unlikely to be real. Maning: You (Yes You Chris) will never ever reach your dream of being a signed Saban Actor - and not even a Stunt Man.

    Its a shame that you use your wife to promote you. Worse, Jefusion promotes such loser like you.

  18. Jb Bitangcol Says:

    I hate to admit but this guy (chris) is such a famewhore. I 100% agreed to the anonymous poster at 1:44 PM. He want to be a signed saban actor.

    dude angel grove is not real & if you want to be an actor for saban. i doubt you'll get passed as an extra for bettleborgs or vr troopers.

    your acting is so so so bowling shoe bad ugly. sorry for the reality check.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Anonymous's post at 1:44 PM is accurate. Chris Cantada was never open to any criticism against him (he only accepts praises). The moment anyone disagrees with him, he would immediately brand that individual as a "hater". What's sad about this is that his friends and acquaintances immediately jump on the bandwagon and berate his "haters". Is this the way a Power Ranger (real, aspiring or cosplayer) should act?

    It comes as to no surprise that he thinks of himself as a celebrity of sorts. The last thing you should do as a "celebrity" is to degrade or insult the masses. It's one thing to brush off their remarks, it's another to strike back. Just take a look at both Justin Bieber and Jason David Frank (Tommy Oliver; a Power Ranger himself). In fact, he even starts to show quite a handful of JDF mannerisms.

    If he continues like this, he simply comes off as a total prick.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    @Elsignor B. Tiu

    With all due respect, if you believe that JEFusion is not promoting Chris Cantada, please explain the following articles.

    Chris could easily promote this on Facebook or his Youtube account. Let's choose not to turn a blind eye to facts. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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