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Kamen Rider Ghost: More Trademark Rumor

Some new images containing the trademarked merchandises for the next Kamen Rider Series had recently surfaced the net. Read-n after the break.

And here are the trademarks that were posted in the images:

- Ghost Driver: patent number: 2015-46968. Kamen Rider Ghost's henshin belt.
- Gangan Saber: patent number: 2015-46969. Kamen Rider Ghost's main melee weapon.
- Ghost Icon: patent number: 2015-46970 Considered to be this year's main gimmick.

And as an additional info, ◆zQacw/7nsedJ  recently posted some information concerning Kamen Rider Ghost's collectible gimmick. As always take this information with a grain of salt.

"The collectibles are stamps. A voice is heard when pressing the stamp on the belt. The stamps activate LEDs which display the stamp’s design on the belt. The mechanism is the same as the Beast Driver."

Source: kamenriderghost_tumblr

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