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Legend Of The Galactic Heroes: A Masterpiece, A Amazing Anime, A legend in itself.

I have never watched something so beautiful. Something from start to finish that I enjoyed every moment of and that I wish many many more people would sit through. Legend Of The Galactic Heroes is something I am proud to say I have sat through every single moment of the series in chronological order. This series alone has such a rich history that makes me happy as well.
Basically in 2039 there was a 13 day war where factions used nukes and killed all but 1billion of earths population, 90 years of chaos formed the United Earth Government which had its capital in Australia, soon after the ministry of space is formed , The Alpha Centauri Expedition is a failure but humanity spreads throughout the solar system,  Dr. Antonel Yanosher creates spacewarp, Earth and the other planets have a war, The Galactic Federation is formed, Rudulph Von Goldenbaum is born and later reforms the Galactic Federation into the Galactic Empire.

Legend Of The Galactic Heroes surprises you when you get into the first OVA before the series, Each and every character is given a little backstory before you get to know them onscreen so before you even meet somebody you get a little hint at their life story and what got them to their position. Some characters this works very well for like Kesler and Poplan, Others it is lacking to the point of where they are redshirts of the week or just part of the battle.

Battles is another thing this series does really really well. Battles are normally large with ships standing face to face firing either a red or blue beam from the holes or spots on the ships of the Galactic Empire or the Free Planets Alliance. They are normally thousands of ships, I think in one battle each side had over 9000 ships each pew pewing until an agreement or tactics can be made.Each battle has its own historic merit and there are always key points to watch in the tactics.

Legend Of The Galactic Heroes gets on all different kinds of subjects like that of Democracy vs autocracy as well as the plight of religion ruling over all classes to form a galactic theocracy and how bad and backwards that would be for mankind. The main bad-guy isn't even the Galactic Empire or the Free Planets Alliance in this series, Its the Earth Church, The Cult of Planet Earth, Kind of like a new denomination of Christianity that survived the 13 day war.  They are fanatics trying to push for the elimination of both parties to forward the idea that humanity belongs only on earth and not the earth-like planets that have been terraformed or found from expeditions 800 years after the fact.

there is so much detail I can try and put into this but the matter of the fact is if you are a fan of anime you need to sit through Legend Of The Galactic Heroes, It is clearly worthy of much more attention then it deserves and if the music rights weren't such a pain in the ass I could see the series being dubbed in America, There is rumors that they are remaking the seires possibly with the designs of the novel that they are based off of and that makes me happy to watch it once again in possibly HD.

Legend Of The Galactic Heroes Canon Order
1. Spiral Labirint (14 eps)
2. Silver Valley (4 eps)
3. Those Who Revolt (4 eps)
4. The Duelist (4 eps)
5. Golden Wings (Movie)
6. Those Who Recapture (4 eps)
7. Morning`s Dream, Night`s Song (4 eps)
8. Hundred Billion of Stars, Hundred Billion of Lights (12 eps)
9. The Third Tiamat Battle (2 eps)
10. My Conquest is the Sea of Stars - (movie)
11. Disgrace (4 eps)
12. Ouverture to a New War - (movie)
13. Main series. (110 eps)

Now that you understand the epicness that is the rivalry between Rienhard Von Lohengremm, Yang Wen-Li and their stories I hope you are able to enjoy the series like I did. I can only say so much before I start to repeat myself in certain instances but Legend Of The Galactic Heroes is WORTHY so much of praise and viewing that its practically Babylon 5 in anime form with hints of Star Wars and even Firefly.
That's all I go to say for now.


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  1. Siegfried Jurgen Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful anime series! It is truly a CLASSIC!!! I am still rooting for Yang Wen Li and the FPA all the way though! For me the classical music is really good as if fits the motif of a space opera! I highly recommend watching ep 15 (Battle of Amlitzer) and the latter part around ep 54 which is the ultimate showdown at Vermillion! ;) - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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