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Kamen Rider Ghost - 1st Quarter Toy Catalog Scans

And finally, we now have some clear scanned images for the 1st Quarter Kamen Rider Ghost Toy Catalog feat. the gadgets and their answer to the AC and TK figures.

First image is the GC01 Kamen Rider Ghost Ore Tamashii figure. GC stands for Ghost Change. The figure will come complete with the base, blank-faced Kamen Rider Ghost figure and the Ore Ghost.  By pushing the ‘forearms’ up or pulling the horn, Kamen Rider Ghost’s mask will appear! After that, the Ghost hoodie slides overtop of the figure. 

And here's the full deatiled look on the DX GanGan Saber, Kamen Rider Ghost's main weapon. It has three mode: broadsword, naginata, gun and dual sword.  

Third scan gives us a good luck on the gadgets. These are the Condor Phone, which can transform into Condor Mode or combine with the GanGan Saber to form the Arrow Mode, the Bat Clock that can transform into Bat Mode or Gun Mode and can also combine with the GanGan Saber to form Rifle Mode, and lastly, the Spider Lantern can transform into Spider Mode or combine with the GanGan Saber to form Hammer Mode.

Source: kamenriderghost_tumblr

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6 Responses
  1. You know something's not quite right when a floating hoodie appears out of nowhere...

  2. Anonymous Says:

    How about a big**s fruit suddenly appears at the top of your head?

  3. The last one doesn't look like a Hammer at all ...

  4. Because "Kamen Rider Ghost", get it? What, do you think ghost walk on their own?

  5. Gimmick dude gimmick.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    the last one is a hammer? not a shovel? - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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