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Kamen Rider Ghost - Logo, Plot and 1st Quarter Toy Pics

More and more Kamen Rider Ghost related news are popping out as if they escaped a ghost trap or something so let's get to know more about the plot of the upcoming new series plus let's view some images from the first quarter toy catalog.

1st, let's take a gander at the plot:

"Meet Takeru Tenkuuji, our main hero who wants to be a certified ghost hunter. Fate decided to play it's role one day when his deceased father gave him the mysterious "Ghost Icon" that is shaped like an eyeball. To make matters worst, he was killed by a Ganma, beings from another world who are after the Ghost Icons.

To protect Akari, Takeru's childhood friend, he uses the power of the Ghost Icon and the Ghost Driver to Transform into Kamen Rider Ghost. His main mission: travel the world and collect the 15 Ghost Icons of the "Great Men"  within 99 and be granted a wish.

Can Takeru accomplish this mission and make his wish come true? And is he ready for this battle that will change the fate of the world?

And now, here our first look at some select images from the 1st quarter toy catalog.

Machine Ghost Striker (Ghost's main ride) and the Captain Ghost can combine to form the Iguana Ghost Striker.

Benkei Ghost Icon.

Are you ready for this new Kamen Rider series after Kamen Rider Drive ends? My, how time flies...

Source: Heroshock

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20 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Really cool design on the bike! And so far the story seems interesting enough, I'm willing to see where this goes!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    So base on the name "Benkei Ghost Icon" I'm assuming that at least the form change Icon's will be named after and tied to the ghosts of famous warriors through out history fictional or other wise.

  3. Color me interested, at least. Though knowing how Toei does things, all the Ghost Icons will end up being in Japan in spite of that "travel the world" statement.

  4. I'm so ready for this!! Call me KR Phantom!

  5. GHOSTformgo Says:

    sohis icons contain tenma or warrior souls? because as i reeber it benkei was a samurai warrior in ancient japan. this should be good here to hoping benkei is his main form change.

  6. Look at those hoodie jacket. The cloth concept are real.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    ...anyone else bothered by the fact that it doesn't say what 99 refers to - I.e. Days, weeks, fights, etc.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    i remember seeing on one site that translate the other icon list. billy the kid and beethoven are included in his form change. so interesting

  9. Anonymous Says:

    So...Kamen Rider Bleach, anyone?

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Remember the fashion-themed rider that everyone's been talking about last month? Now that ghost has appeared.. it seems the rumor was partially true afterall, a ghost with street cloth+hoody?
    Pretty legit and match the rumor, right?

  11. To Anon (7/18, 9:30): I think "99" means there are 99 Ghost Icons total, but only 15 possess the spirits of great heroes; the others are probably used to give Ghost secondary abilities, like the difference between Drive's form-change cars and Tire Exchange cars.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Whoever concocted the "Iguana Ghost Striker" is on a LOT of drugs... ._.'

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe KR Phantom is the secondary rider ? HAHA

  14. Anonymous Says:

    His bike probably kawasaki, similar with kyoryuger deinochaser

  15. Anonymous Says:

    KR Crow anyone?

    Eric Draven!

  16. Ro Su Says:

    To AmuroNT1 and Anon (7/18, 9:30) who are confused of what 99 refers to, the Japanese texts for it are: "この世にとどまることができる時間は99日、集まれば願いを叶えられるという「15の偉人」のアイコンを求め、タケルはやがて迫る世界の運命を左右する戦いにその身を投じていくのであった"....which means roughly that Takeru will only have 99 days to collect all the 15 Ghost Icons to change the fate of the world. It is stated that by collecting all 15 of them that his wish would be granted.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    It said about 15 ghost icons. Does that mean there'll be 15 riders?

  18. Anonymous Says:

    15 Ghost Icons.. There will be 15 Kamen Rider???? :O - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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