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Kamen Rider Ghost - Yahoo Announcement Plus Series Director, Producer & Writer Revealed

Yahoo Japan has posted an article for the official announcement of Kamen Rider Ghost, the newest Kamen Rider series that will air on October 4 replacing Kamen Rider Drive. 

This new Kamen Rider series will focus on themes such as “the secret to becoming a hero” and “accepting the feelings of great men”.

As for the team that will be guiding the series, here are the people who will be responsible on making this new hero a hit.

Takuro Fukuda will be the head writer for the series. His previous works was on Ultraman Max and Ultraseven X.

After a break for 1 year, Satoshi Morota (Hibiki, W to Gaim) is also announced as the head director for the series.

And lastly, Kazuhiro Takahashi (W, Fourze) will make his debut as head producer for this series.

Source: The Ghouly News

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11 Responses
  1. "Accepting the feelings of great men" Does that mean there's going to be a female rider that uses the souls of historical female figures?

  2. Idk but this feels great. Ultraseven X? Awesome.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    the jacket would of look better if it was the same length as wizards.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Holy shit Ghost looks. TOEI broke out the A team for the Production Team. Though I will miss Drive I really can't wait for Gaim.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    So Takuro Fukuda is the "novice writer who didn't wrote anything for Toei before"(because even year is for the older writers like Kobayashi in 2010, Tsuyoshi Kida in 2012 and Riku Sanjo in 2014(he was novice back at 2009))

    I have high hopes for this series :D

  6. Anonymous Says:

    An Ultraman writer writing for Kamen Rider? That should be interesting.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Fairly surprised that Ghost seemed like Wizard but none of the directors directed Wizard

  8. Anonymous Says:

    First of all, the suit looks AWESOME. Secondly, THESE are the guys behind the show?! Good god, this had BETTER be good if they're behind it!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    The suit looks fantastic, but the Driver looks odd tho... Is it just me or does the Driver looks bigger than other Drivers?

  10. First time I saw ghost ore looks like a parkour pro who become kamen rider rider..

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