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Official images for Super Sentai Artisan Shinken-Oh now online!

"Samurai Gattai! Shinken-Oh, Tenkatoitsu!"

After 7 years, this mecha is making its untimely comeback; NOW PACKED WITH GOKIN GOODNESS! Presenting, Super Sentai Artisan Shinken-Oh

So what's the difference between this baby and the DX release from back 2009? The mold itself hasn't change but some of the parts have been replaced with die-cast metal parts in place of the rubber ones. Let your eyes decide:

One of the added features to this release is its sword. The Dai-Shinken sword will come in regular Gokin colors and another in Metallic Blue color to imitate the Dai-Shinken Samurai Giri Hissatsu. 

And last but certainly the most important part of this release: FINALLY! THEY DID IT! This Super Sentai Artisan Shinken-Oh will include stands for the Oden/Tower Origami formation as seen in Act 2: Stylish Combination

This item is scheduled for a December release for a whopping 16,200 Yen. So what's your say? YES or NO? Only you can decide, SEIBAI

Source: herotaku

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  1. Anonymous Says:

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