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Shout! Factory to Release Gosei Sentai Dairanger DVDs in North America

Shout! Factory announced at the San Diego Comic Con 2015 that the 1993 Super Sentai Series, Gosei Sentai Dairanger will finally get a DVD release in North America!

Dairanger's DVD release was teased in Shout! Factory's Zyuranger DVD release. The company eventually confirmed that their plans to release more Super Sentai DVDs will depend on the sales and demand of the Zyuranger DVDs.

The series literally translates as Five-Star Squad Great Ranger features footage, monsters, and suits, which were eventually used in the 2nd season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Most notably, the Thunder Megazord fight scenes and the White Ranger. Details such as its release date, price, and if Kakuranger is next is yet to be announced.

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8 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    I'm just happy that there's finally a legitamate, legal way to watch the original Super Sentai shows in the US.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Eh,you can keep it. Dairanger was boring and silly.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Someone apparently never watched past the first 4 episodes. Dairanger is an amazing show.

  4. Will this be English dubbed?

  5. Unknown Says:

    Still a better show than Ninninger.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Time for the USA to behold the REAL White Ranger.
    KibaRanger > Tommy

  7. Anonymous Says:

    @JonJones No but it will have subtitles.

    Personally I wasn't very interested in the Zyuranger release but this news has me excited.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    "Eh,you can keep it. Dairanger was boring and silly."

    Compared to Power Rangers Season 2 it isn't. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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