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What I want on "Metroid Prime: Federation Force" for Nintendo 3DS.

Story: I would love the story of Federation Force to take place after Metroid Prime 3, hint at what the 100% ending meant and how Dark Samus being gone either helps or destroys the idea of a main enemy for Samus, All 6 Hunters from Metroid prime Hunters should also make a return hunting for something big, so big that the Galactic Federation has it top secret. Reveal something that has a connection between the X, Phazon and Metroids as sorta the first creatures in the universe.

Customization: Customization is something this game should have, Being as in the main storyline you'll be playing as a Federation Trooper you should have the option to customize your helmet glow, weapon, body armor, gloves, shoes, stuff like that. could also be used in multiplayer as well. Would help to have all the special weapon types from Metroid Prime Hunters as well, Those will always be useful.

Multiplayer: What can I say aside from just keep Hunters style of Multiplayer but expand the Internet usage to be something along the lines of Halo but for 3DS, Servers running constantly, people able to make games, Use of all 7 Hunters from Metroid Prime Hunters as well as your own customized Galactic Federation trooper, Also randomization of maps would be nice so people aren't always stuck on one map.

Maps: I'd love to see a Galactic Federation City map to roam around in where there are actual people and aliens, Not Babylon 5 but like something to the point of Citadel from Mass Effect, Make it a hunt for a criminal or something. also use it for Multiplayer just empty, Expand upon the legacy of the galactic federation.

Blastball: Blastball was announced around the same time as Federation Force, They will both be sharing the same card but in my opinion BlastBall should be a game of its own, Some kind of Galactic Federation sport that uses mechs, Should always have a single player and its own servers for Multiplayer, Maybe some Mech customization would be nice. I don't have too much to say about BlastBall since it is its own entity.

Please Nintendo Of America and Nintendo in general take my ideas into consideration. Metroid Prime Hunters is probably one of my favorite games of all time and this could potentially be coming out 10 years after Hunters and i have a lot of hope. I was born a metroid fan and I will always support Metroid Franchise. 


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    Save it for your blog. This is entertainment news. Not a place for wish lists.

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