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Happy Birthday To A Dear Friend And A Brother

Let's all take a break on all tokusatsu, anime, toys and gaming news for now as we celebrate another year of happiness for the birth of one of the greatest person that we have ever met in our lives: JEFusion head honcho Daniel Villodres.

This week, we will be celebrating the birth of Daniel Villodres, the main man who gave everything to give us great toku news. The greatest friend that a person could have and the greatest son that a family could ever have.

Just this week, Magnum (Dan's little sis and new head honcho) and their parents visited Dan to celebrate his birthday. And this sunday, the celebration will continue with us visiting him too.

The HHP/HJU/Jefusion gang in their last movie gathering with Dan. Movie of the month was Gatchaman The Movie.

The gang celebrating one of birthday boy's happiest day. Those delicious Dinuguan, Kare-kare, Spaghetti and those happy moments. 

And lastly, the very first Henshincon's guests of honor meeting the chosen one for the first time. Sir Ryosuke Kaizu and Sir Kei Shindachiya was very honored to meet Daniel at that time. That time when Mrs. Inaba told me that Redmask cried when he saw the dedication video that i made for Dan.

Well my dear friend, we will see you this sunday and we will party, play video games and tell stories in honor of you. 

Dayummm boy, I miss you badly on those lonely online billiard game nights that we always play. Don't worry, soon, we will play tekken tag 2 again but for now, we will make sure that your legacy will continue to live-on no matter what happens.

I know that somewhere up there, you're enjoying yourself in the company of other toku legends specially Shaider and Bandora.


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8 Responses

  1. I was read this blog for many years, Never know who he was in real life. Then there's an article about him passing away. Even though I never know him before. I can feel that we lost one of our best friend, Who share the same interest with all of us, Being our hero by bringing news to the community.

    Miss him.

  2. May you rest with peace.

  3. Justin Says:

    Happy birthday Dan. You are missed... But your Legacy Lives on. Thank you for all that you've done.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Rest In Peace

  5. Kamenriderghostbuster Says:

    its clear that danis one of the great warrior souls that ghost will be using. henshin and fight on my fellow brother.we hope youll be waiting for us in helheim - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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