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HGBF Super Fumina revealed!

"Did you ask permission?"

You're not being punk'd guys! This is REALLY it! Bandai will be releasing HGBF Super Fumina from Gundam Build Fighters: TRY, making its awaited debut at Chara Hobby 2015 (C3xHobby 2015)! All in its kawaii glory!

As said in the series by a certain modeler, "Look at this beautiful modeling! The anime style paint changes the shading based on the angle! The separate moving parts of the joints are almost invisible! The ultra fine fibers of the hair are luxuriant and smooth! I used soft resin to make the torso nice and squishy! And guess what, THE EYES BLINK!" Sure would love it if that would be applied to the actual model kit, haha! 

HGBF Super Fumina is scheduled to be released this November 2015, for 1800 Yen. Man oh man, this is a MUST if you are a GunPla fan! Cheers to this! 

Source: Gundam Guy 

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