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Kamen Rider Drive August Episode Guide & Descriptions

My, time does fly fast this August so without any further delays, here are the episode descriptions for the last few remaining episodes of Kamen Rider Drive.

From carception_henshin

Episode 42 Where is the Goddess of Truth? Without any clues on “Shou”, a man who holds the key to solving the case, the investigation begins to stall. However, Otta hears a rumor that is related to the ongoing case. 

Afterwards, Shinnosuke, having learned the surprising truth hidden behind the case, daringly attempts to cooperate with Medic in order to save Misuzu and the others. However, Professor Banno, who has hijacked 006’s body, appears. 8/16/15

Episode 43 When Will the 2nd Global Freeze Occur? - Having betrayed his family and the Special Unit, Professor Banno reveals his desire to rule the world. He transforms into a golden Drive, “Gold Drive”, by using the belt he created after stealing Mr. Belt and using him as research material. With 006’s body, Banno now possesses the same power as the Roidmude’s Ultimate Evolution.

Banno tries to gather Heart, Brain, and Medic at a place he calls the “Promised Land” in order to achieve his ultimate goal. However, Brain continues to evade Banno desperately, not wishing to be exploited in order to fulfill his creator’s goal. 8/23/15

Episode 44 Who Loved Heart the Most? - As Banno tries to capture Brain, Mr. Belt realizes what his goal is and why he needs Brain. Together with Shinnosuke and the others, they continue investigating in order to prevent Banno from achieving his goal. Meanwhile, Chief Honganji sends them important information. 8/30/15

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