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Kamen Rider Drive - Countdown To The Final Battle

Here's a bunch of latest Kamen Rider Drive magazine scans featuring scenes from the upcoming episodes this September. Just a fair warning though, if you don't want to get spoiled, ignore this post.

After the demise of Brain, the prime number Roidmudes and the Kamen Riders decided to join forces to defeat one common enemy, Banno.

Gou tries his best to duke it out with his father but to no use. Chase, who have studied human emotions in hopes of becoming one with the humans, helps Gou but is also defeated. In the end, he leaves Gou with something important before he deactivates.

And behold Banno's ultimate creation that will bring fourth the second Global Freeze, the Sigma Circular. Shinnosuke, Krim and Heart must work side by side to stop Banno once and for all!

And yes, Kamen Rider Lupin will also return in another special video to exact his revenge against the Kamen Riders!

Source: Heroshock  

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11 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Finally!!...look forward for kamen rider join hand with roidmude... Banno must be defeated!!

  2. No wayyyy!!! Is Gou gonna henshin to Chaser + Mach hybrid new form?!!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    "Signma circular?" That looks like something out of the showa era!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Why would Heart want to stop Banno? Granted, he hates the guy, but they're ultimately aiming for the same goal, right?

    On another note, I hope Medic isn't the only surviving roidmude after this. Okay, so she became evil because she absorbed negative emotions, but she still shouldn't get off scott-free for all the terrible things she's done.

  5. NOOOOO! Chase please don't. hopefully he is reactivated by the end of the show.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    chase is one of the few redeemable qualities of this show so killing him off tho noble is a bad move. also is any else wondering about....oh...i dont know.....THE SIDE CAPTION ON LUPIN COMING BACK!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    So no one has anything to say about the apparently confirmed return of Lupin?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Nooo! Lupin back? I don't like when the TV show is mixed or interpheres with the movie. I think that Gaim's finale should be ep46, and not 47. That 47 should be only a special. I hope that Ghost won't do the same like Wizard, Gaim, and Drive. The finale should be just a TV Show like it happens with Sentai.

  9. So what was wrong with that? I don't see it as a problem, as long as I'm enjoyed the show's finale even if it was a special episode.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Like Deen Said i dont see anything wrong with it, if you dont like special ep dont watch it and Kamen Rider and Super Sentai are diffirent TV Show but same produced by Toei.

  11. "Why would Heart want to stop Banno? Granted, he hates the guy, but they're ultimately aiming for the same goal, right?"

    Watch episode 44 please. Also, even if you hadn't, you should know Heart and Banno are not aiming for the same thing. Banno wants to rule over the world, and is using an abusing roidmudes to do so. Furthermore, he's a sadistic bastard who doesn't care who he hurts. Heart wants to make roidmudes the dominant species of Earth, and his honor prevents him from condoning anyone who engages in senseless violence, especially when it's directed at roidmudes. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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