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Meet Kamen Rider Gaim Gaiden II's Main Antagonist: KAMEN RIDER SAVIOR!

"Evil just had an upgrade; and it's name is Savior...WHAT?"

Yep, ya'll are seeing right! It's an Armored Rider who uses a Jimba/Genesis Core with 2 Normal Lockseeds instead of the usual Normal/Energy Lockseed combo! Well, damn sure this will be good!

This image leaked while filming for the said V-Cinema movie was being done. Savior's human identity is still unconfirmed but as for the Lockseeds, he's got the Pomegranate (Zankuro) Lockseed as his main and, wait for this it's gonna be BLOODY! You guessed it right, the infamous Blood Orange Lockseed used by Kamen Rider Buijn Gaim in the movie Gaim and Wizard: The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle, is now Savior's Jimba Lockseed! 

As for Savior's weapon/s of choice, he would still be wielding the Bloody Daidaimaru courtesy of the Blood Orange Lockseed, as well as an upgraded version of the Sonic Arrow called Savior Arrow

Kamen Rider Gaim Gaiden II is scheduled for a November 11, 2015 release. What are ya waiting for guys? LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!! 

Source: Tokunation

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9 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Looks like an evil version of Kyuuga.


  3. I wonder how the sounds will work with 2 normal lockseeds

  4. Unknown Says:

    Ok, enough already with Gaim. Seriously.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    @Unknown what's your problem with gaim? Gaims bad ass!

  6. Savior Says:

    Is name is savior, perhaps because is a false prophet ?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Anon 317 : Agree with you. Gaim is bad ass.
    Anon 1119 : If u dont wanna watch gaim, just dont open this page. Problem solved...

  8. *opens surgery mask* but why?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah dont watch toku your whole life so you will never get bored. Problem solved - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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