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DX Ghost Driver Hacked Sound Effects

Looks like somebody has managed to hack the DX Ghost Driver and revealed some of the other Damashii forms for both Kamen Rider Ghost and Kamen Rider Spectre. Watch the video with english subs after the break.

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13 Responses
  1. Is it wrong for me to laugh?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Since when kamen rider series became history class? LOL

  3. Trainbow Says:

    Yeeessss! One of my own videos finally made it to JEFusion! I am sooo happy right now!

  4. I know it's highly Unlikely, but with 2 female historical figures in this Hacked sound vid, do you think we may be seeing a Female Rider in this series?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Well it's great that there are more sounds and all. The big thing to me is this: Are they going to use them all in the show? Remember that we had several tire blends in the toy version of Type Tridoron, but they only used three of them (which to me seems absolutely stupid and wasted some great potential there).

    Then again, a lot of these sound will probably not be heard for a while, and some of these may be movie exclusive. Some might even be used by extra riders.

    Benkei, Billy the Kid, Robin Hood, Nobunaga, and Tutankhamun have been confirmed, and I think I saw one of Santa Claus somewhere on the internet.

    Only the show will have the full answers.

  6. I think Santa Claus might be special powers for the Christmas episode of Ghost. Just think about how Wizard uses Christmas Ring to restore presents back in normal after being blown down to ashes by Phoenix Phantom back then.

  7. I wanna see Alexander the Great, Yamato Takeru and Hercules make it to Ghost or Spectre's form change.

  8. Ishinomori!? Seriously?! Why???

  9. marty Says:

    Don't get too excited :S

    @J.D. Sadler
    I have a feeling its yes and also if there is a evil rider then the evil historical he will use are hitler,genghis kahn and jack the ripper.

    That is true if the toy company and the studio focus less on toys an more on story it would have been a good series but all they do is make errors too soon when something unexpected happens.

    Also there is something i have to say to all of you

    I wonder why they didn't include the stronger and riderman sound effect? You know to promote the 'Legend rider' collectibles, to pay tribute to riderman and stronger's actors who died few years ago or both

    and also i think the ishinomori part will be used on the day the episode will air on his birthday or in a anniversary episode

  10. marty Says:

    @Taufan Ardianto

    Probably for the franchise anniversary or for his birthday.

  11. marty Says:

    @God Zilla
    Good luck with that and if it does the toy makers will have to reconfigure every belts to fit into the greek mythology episodes

    @Deen Said

  12. Anonymous Says:

    @ Taufan Ardianto
    September 23, 2015 at 7:45 AM
    Ishinomori!? Seriously?! Why???

    Look again how he's described: pen to paper . . . creator - he is the creator of Kamen Rider . . . why not?

  13. Shirou Kotomine Says:

    What is it with Japan, Shakespeare, and their wish to put him in a battlefield? I already had a great laugh after summoning him as a Caster-class Servant, and now this? - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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