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Kamen Rider Drive Episode 47 Clips - The Future Is Now

Well, it was a wild ride for all of us. But before we say goodbye to the Special Investigations team, check-out all the clips from the final episode of the series before the special episode airs next week.

So what's your final thought about this series? Me, this series gave me a reason to watch a Kamen Rider series till the end again since Kamen Rider W. Never missed an episode. Hoping that Ghost will have the same spirit as this series.

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15 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wait. So you're telling me you skipped episodes of OOO, Fourze, Wizard and Gaim but you've successfully watch Drive till the end? I enjoyed the previous seasons, especially Gaim but for the first time ever in years, I decided to skip Rider because Drive's way too predictable, way too formatted, personally felt like it was one of the weaker series. Boring. However, things picked up during Gold Drive, other than that...meh. Pass.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Overall, this was a really good series. It was pretty slow and predictable in the beginning, but maybe that was the point. It seems like they intentionally tried to make it look sort of stupid in the beginning so that they could subvert it all later on. A gutsy move, but pretty effective. It was never going to beat Gaim, but in terms of awesomeness, it came pretty damn close!

    One thing I will nitpick about, and this is really an issue with KR/Tokusatsu in general: the blatant overwhelming sexism!

    1. In this series alone, we had two story arcs about girls getting kidnapped for their beauty. This is a very tired storyline that I'm getting sick of.

    2. Kiriko clearly wants to be a rider, but she never gets to be one, even though both her brother and her father became riders! You do realize that if she were a guy, she'd get to be the second or third rider in a heartbeat, right? (Remember Gotou from OOO?) Granted, we still have one more ep left, but if

    3. And Medic. Oh boy, Medic. She could've been an great villain, and she had a really good start. But then...they just HAD to say that nothing is her fault because she was tainted by negative emotions from other roidmudes and she was actually good all long, because nothings is EVER a villain's fault if they're a girl! I won't say much more, but there's a bit of subtext in there that presents some very unfortunate real-life implications about women.

    I guess all that is really a cultural problem more than anything else, but the rampant existence of it in this series irks me.

  3. ovidkid Says:

    Everyone has their own preference. I could understand want skip a couple episodes of gaim like the movie tie-ins

  4. Anonymous Says:

    So far W to Ghost , it's way more better than Decade . Honore decadoo !!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    The first 22 episodes were trash and it didn't go from decent to good until after Type Tridoron showed up.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Lol,I watched every episode of all the shows becuase I have too much free time on my hands

  7. ovidkid Says:

    I been hearing that the no good female villains in toku by you alot(I guessing). I like to point out reydue from last year and medusa from wizard. They had no redeemable qualities.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I liked Drive. I enjoyed the characters and watching most of it...and then the ending happened. I'm sorry to all fans of this season but it is one of the weakest endings I had ever seen from a Kamen Rider series. I loved Heart and thought he was a wonderful villain until this episode. I feel like everything was clunked together and was just a complete mess. I didn't get feels and that's a HUGE disappointment, being as every season since has grasped me at the end. I never want them to end but now, with Drive, I'm ready to move onto Ghost.

  9. Hmm.... I wonder if eiji n gon will cross path one day since each is on the journey to restore your buddy core

  10. To me Drive feel formulatic. It use the same boring monter of 2 week formula but have emotional character to make you think it's bigger that it really is. And the dead are so force and obvious and most of the time if not all the time it's for the robots. Granted you could say that the show have the balls to kill off a good character, but a good show is the one that have the balls to do it but a great show can somehow kill a character that we have known very little about but still make us felt the sympathy. Hase dead in Gaim feel so powerful, eventho it only built up in one episode only but in that episode, we see he lose his power, his friends, his ally, so it's really heart breaking when we see he turn into an Invest and then got kill. Drive dead however, feel force, Brain, Medic, Chase all have an emotional seen and they sacrifice themsevles, like we already know they have been through alot so when they die it just feel force. Another thing, the power ups, sure Gaim did the same thing but Gaim theme is power, people have to find a more powerful source to survile, but with Drive, the power ups are treated like it have different ability for diferent situation, but after Tridoron, heck even after Formula, these forms never got use much. Let recap: Wild have more power(never use the power again after Tridoron), Technic have great aim and is a master of machine( never do anything with machine after the first time, and never got use to aim after Formula), Deadheat can enter dead zone and deal great punch( only use one time by Drive after he got Formula), Formula can run faster than the speed of light(only use the speed one time and prety much never use it again after Tridoron). Drive may polish the wheel but Gaim's the one that reinvent it, do something different

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I felt Gaim was trash so I never even bothered to watch it after a few episodes. People say drive is trash and continues to watch it. Actions speak louder than words......

  12. Anonymous Says:

    For me, my last rider is ooo
    For fourze wizard n gaim im just watch special ep when they got new form. Fourze have nice story but worse ultimate (same goes to meteor), wizard have a super ultimate n story but the final boss are bit squishy (i can say that wizard are the easiest boss battle in hensei history) n gaim are too simple form, story and final plus i dont like dancing stuff. This my opinion only, dont hate ok peace

  13. Plus, with Riku Sanjo did writing on Fourze before, you can see they reuse the plot that had been used in previous Kamen Rider series before. The Type Tridoron debut episode are the fine example of this. I mean, did our writers running out of ideas of creating story line more interesting? Man, I've missed Gaim so much, it's a finest Rider series of all Heisei era in terms of storytelling, characters and the elements of friendship, betrayal, trust and philosophy mixed together.

  14. It shouldn't named Kamen Rider Drive. It's Kamen Rider Chaser! He's real protagonist. And Tomari Shinnosuke is just the story teller. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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