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Kamen Rider Drive - September Episode Descriptions

The episode descriptions for the September episodes of Kamen Rider Drive including the series finale has been finally released.

From Carception_Henshin

Episode 46 What was their reason for fighting (8-13-15) - While fighting Banno, Chase sacrificed himself to save Go’s life. In order to avenge him, Go uses Chase’s Signal Bike, the Signal Chase, that he had given Go moments before his death. Meanwhile, Shinnosuke, Heart, and Medic reach the Sigma Circular as it begins running the program that Banno gave it.

Episode 47 My friend, to whom do you entrust the future? (8-20-15) - Shinnosuke, having stopped Banno’s plans, is challenged to a duel by Heart in order to finally end their rivalry. However, Shinnosuke, no longer feeling an hostility towards the Roidmudes, tries to call off the duel by persuading Heart to co-exist with humans.

Episode 48 TBA (8-27-15) - A thief breaks into the Metro Police Department to steal an item that had been left behind at a crime scene. The police identity the thief as a member of Neo Shade, an anti-government organization that Shinnosuke had once been investigating with Hayase. The mysterious item, called a Ghost Eyecon, that had been left behind at the crime scene seems to be connected to the case.

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14 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Is't the summer movie cameo enough? Why does Ghost have to be featured in the final episode of Drive?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Does it matter? Just a show, just watch

  3. Guess the same could be said for Gaimu - did he have to show up in the last couple Eps of Wizard ?

  4. Unknown Says:

    ^ Its always been a tradition since fourze?

  5. Because... $$$$$$$$

    Since Ghost will be released on early October, and the Ghost merchandise released a week before series' premiere, it's better for Bandai to cash some money earlier.

    Your marketing strategy 101. Or could be. Cuz I'm not kinda fond in marketing strategy thou.

  6. marty Says:

    Dang,I thought the final episode will called How will this all end? or in japanese これをどのように、すべての端? well i hope the main villain will gain redemption before his death and have his children forgive and use the redeemed roidmudes for good use.

  7. (This is the original Anon) I understand the business angle and I respect their attempts to get their moneys worth from their product but from a story telling perspective it is ridiculous. Having an important character cameo in the last few minutes of the final episode to tease the new show like we saw OOO do for Fourze and then Fourze do for Wizard is not the same as having Wizard, and now Drive sacrifice 1-2 episodes of their run for the sack of early promotion, those episodes could have been used to tell a more complete story. Why not just have Drive end at episode 47 and let Ghost premiere a week earlier. The final episode of Drive should be for the finale of Drives story.

  8. I feel that the main reason they do it is to give those who didn't get a chance to see Drive's movie a taste of their upcoming rider.

  9. Actually, the Newton Icon was released with the Drive Movie set. The rest will be released a day before the show's airing.

  10. You have to consider that the next season has a GHOST motif. And ghosts are still currently the greatest mystery that many are trying to either to solve or prove their existence.

    Also, despite as many details shown before it was released, the series still has a lot of questions left unanswered.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    It could be that Kamen Rider Lupin will steal the Ghost Eyecon, but in the end it will fall to hands of Kamen Rider Ghost. Could be a cameo only like Haruto did in Fourze and not a full episode with Rider Ghost.

  12. Lupin is set to appear in the final Drive DVD story so I doubt he will appear in this episode.

    Jeremy you absolutly right there are still plenty of questions left up in the air about Ghost,so why don't we hurry up and start the new season and start answering those questions?

    Tanner they never felt the need to do that before Decade so why start now? I admit that the summer movie cameo is fun but why can't we let Ghost succeed or fail on his own merits?

    I can guarantee that any new information conveyed about Ghost and the Eyecons in this episode of Drive will be covered in the first few episodes of episode of Ghost because the show likely wouldn't make sense otherwise. And if it turns out that I'm wrong and Ghost chooses to tell its story assuming that I watched the last episode of Drive then I will have serious reservations about the quality of this new show. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
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