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Resign From Work, Kamen Rider Style

Remember that die-hard Kamen Rider fan who had and awesome Kamen Rider themed wedding? Well guest what, he's back and this time, he's showing us on how to resign or retire from your job, Kamen Rider style!

Shafiq, our lead hero in this story, is an employee from a Malaysian company called M-Mode Berhad. Shafiq shows us that, when you're resigning from your company to pursue a better future, go out in style! And the style he has chosen is coming to the company on his last day suited-up as Kamen Rider Dark Kabuto.

Again, here's wishing Shafiq all the good vibes and blessings for his new adventure for a bright and better future.

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5 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wow...such a bold action..he certainly so proud to be kamen rider die hard fan. I'll prayed for his succes... Malaysia boleh!! Hahaha..

  2. The sensuality of the heroines of Super Sentai / Power Rangers

  3. Anonymous Says:

    steadyyyyy bhai...kipidap

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Kipidap & dongibab!!!hahaha...

  5. Anonymous Says:

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